Baron’s Walter Von Richthofen medieval castle in Denver

Sometimes even locals can be surprised by the treasures that lie hidden in their city. For example, not a lot of people are aware of the existence of a medieval castle in Denver, CO. The castle was built by Baron Walter Von Richthofen, the uncle and godfather of the legendary WWI fighter pilot known as the ‘Red Baron’. The castle itself became a legend over the years.

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The Richthofen Castle was built in 1887 and it then became a national landmark. It’s a very beautiful medieval mansion with gargoyles and all sorts of typical details. It’s a landmark in the area and it can even be considered a historic monument. You can imagine how rare you get to find such a property available for sale. Well, this castle hit the market and it can be purchased at the models price of $3.75 million. It’s unique opportunity.

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The Richthofen Castle was designed by architects Maurice Bixco and Jules Jacques Benedict and it features a Prussian design. It was built using limestone from Castle Rock, CO. It’s a very imposing and impressive structure, both by its size and the numerous architectural details. The castle features 14,000-square-feet of living space. As expected, the interior is exquisite and it’s almost like visiting a museum. There you can admire beautiful had-carved woodwork along with leaded glass and hand-tooled leather wallpaper. The furniture is a real treasure and so are all the beautiful details from the castle.

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The property has a total of 35 rooms. There are eight bedrooms and seven baths. Moreover, the castle also has areas such as a drawing room, a library, a music alcove and, of course, a servant’s quarter. There are also surprising amenities that include a bar and a billiards room. There are many more elements to discuss here but it’s better to just see them in person. Now that the castle is on the market, you have this opportunity.