20 Different Ways to Style Your Backyard with an Outdoor Canopy

Jazz up your landscaping and outdoor space with a bit of canopy coverage. Near the pool, on the patio or even near your outdoor kitchen and firepit, these beauties are perfect for entertaining and getting to enjoy the warmer weather throughout spring and cool breezes in the fall. Let’s have a look at some different ways to style your backyard that will perk up your landscaping and outside areas with the inclusion of an outdoor canopy.

Rippled Gathering


This rippled effect we don’t see too much in traditional homes but it adds a special surprise and style to an outdoor space. It’s not too outside-the-box to take away from coziness but it does give fashion to an outdoor area as well.

Modern Art


This outdoor canopy looks like a stunning pieces of modern art, don’t you think? It adds a special uniqueness to a space that’s always riddled with stuffiness or drab style.

Whimsical Grilling

Whimsical Grilling

This space houses a traditional canopy  with a place to add curtains for privacy and to protect you and your guests from any of weather’s elements that could ruin your afternoon outside.{found on centsationalgirl}.

Holiday Inspired


There’s something very “vacation-like” about this outdoor space. Inspired by a resort in the tropics of even out west, it’s beautiful and bright for any guest or part of the family.

Cottage Porch


A simple white canopy, with some charming scallops, will help with your adorable and quaint cottage-inspired porch area. It’ll be a great spot to enjoy your backyard.{found on mariahickeylandscapes}.

Eclectic Seating

Eclectic Seating

We love this neutral, eclectic sitting area surrounding by a midnight blue canopy. It’s more trendy and less traditional but still provides both functionality and style.

Just a Shade


A sun canopy shade can add whimsy and romance to an unsuspecting spot, especially in more metropolitan space. Simple whites or grays will bring about even more soft qualities.

Fabric Only


If you have extra fabric pieces, you can always try and create your own little outdoor cove and canopy. This is a great idea for more whimsical and worldly visions. It’s personal and cozy, perfect for those that need reading nook and spot for afternoon lunch breaks.

Tiny Spot

landscape tiny spot

Here’s a tiny spot that can be cultivated just for you in any color or scheme you’d like. It’s perfect for enjoying your personal gardens and backyard spaces.{found on karenaitken}.

Contemporary Cave


A contemporary cave – or cabana – can be seen here framed with a sturdy canopy cover and curtains. It’s got a modern feel but also a worldly vibe as well.

Desert Oasis


Warmth and romance surround this glowing space. The Asian-inspired canopy top this relaxing space with ease and luxury.

Completely Chic

Custom yellow outdoor canopy

Ultra modern and made for entertaining and enjoying, you’ll need a spot of shade next to your pool all summertime long. And this is how to create one with chic style.

Shade Sails


Multiple modern canopies can come together to create quaint the spectacle but also quite the fun and functional space outside as well, even on an upper porch.{found on wickedshade}.

Wooden Rusticism


You can even have a wooden canopy cover built to give your space and even more rustic flavor. It’s cozy, comfortable and welcoming for all gets.

Luxurious Cabana

Luxurious Cabana

Everything about this space is spread with luxurious. And the extra canopy-style curtains will add charm, privacy and even more of a glamorous essence.

Wired Precise


This space is precisely designed and modernly finished. The wired canopy adds a traditional and cozy feel to a space with very clean, chic lines.

Easy Blue


Surrounding this Cape Cod style home, this easy, breezy style is perfect for lovers of the great outdoors but also those inspired by more beachy flavors.{found on taliankodesigngroup}.

Relaxing Rest


This outdoor space is reminiscent of a canopy bed frame but with more area and more places to rest! Multiple people can come out and enjoy a book in the afternoon breeze.

Custom Yellows

Custom yellow outdoor canopy

This space was custom made but still gives off some fabulous inspiration. You too can have a custom-built space or create a spot with even more fairy-tale quality.