Architectural concrete desk accessories

For an architect it’s basically impossible to get detached from the professional world he’s involved in. An architect’s work will always follow him wherever he goes. If we’re talking about an office or work space, then it’s useless to even try to get away from it. So it would be wise to just embrace it. We’re certain that architects would definitely enjoy having a set of desk accessories inspired by one of the most used building materials in the world.

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This is a set of desk accessories crafted from concrete. It’s not the most commonly used material for such items but it’s something that architects are very familiar with. It would really define their work space. The set includes a tape dispenser, a pen holder and a little tray for pens and other writing instruments. These three items are part of a collection called Solid Desk Accessories. They all have very simple designs and are reduced to their basic form. They have simple shapes and natural colors.

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The Solid Desk Accessories collection was designed at Magnus Pettersen Studio in Stoke Newington. The accessories it includes are something that would look great in any office or home office, regardless of its size or style. They have professional looks and would also give the office a matching image. The accessories were not meant to be perfect. They all retain air bubbles and were designed to reflect their functionality and simplicity.