DIY Ampersand Symbol Cork Coasters

Updating your home can be a challenge. Whether it’s lack of time or funds it can sometimes seem unachievable but fear not. You can make a change. It’s all in the details. Adding small and thoughtful touches to your home can impart your personality and tastes without making drastic changes to the decor.

Ampersand Symbol Cork Coasters


Carefully picking out well-designed pieces can make your home feel modern and homely at the same time. These Ampersand Symbol Coasters are a perfect example of how to take a much-loved home accessory and turn it into something to give your coffee table character!

The good old ampersand. Totally on-trend right now (well isn’t it always). A sign we all recognize and gives a promise that more is yet to come. Small, intriguing and interesting to boot. So why not give it pride of place and protect your at the same time surfaces? Win (&) win no? With this tutorial, I’ve included a PDF document to make the perfect sized coaster. If you need to you can increase the size to make bigger coasters for bigger mugs. That’s the beauty of DIY – it’s up to you!

Ampersand Cork Coasters landscape

Materials you’ll need for ampersand sign cork coaster:

  • Thin cork material
  • Pencil
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Printer

Instructions to craft the cork coaster:

Step 1: Download our PDF Ampersand symbol template

Print out this PDF document of the Ampersand Template. If you don’t have a printer you can carefully draw your own (although this is harder than it sounds!) Cut around the ampersand to give you your template.

Ampersand Cork Coasters landscape

Step 2: Draw around the symbol

Starting in one corner of your cork mat hold the template firmly over the cork with one hand and use a pencil to draw around the outside of the template.

Ampersand Cork Coasters outline

Step 3: Cutting process

Take the template away and keep it safe for the next coaster. Use your craft knife to slowly and carefully cut around the outside of your pencil line.

Ampersand Cork Coasters cut out

Step 4: Attention on corners

Carefully cut all the way around first and then cut away the details on the inside as well. Make sure you are careful but firm at the corners to avoid cutting too much – and going too far into the shape – or too little and creating a jagged edge.

Ampersand Cork Coasters cut details

Step 5: Repeat process

Pick up your template again and work through steps 2-4. Repeat for each coaster you would like. Traditionally you would make 4 or 6 coasters to complete a set, but you can make as many or a few as you need!

Ampersand Cork Coasters portrait

I love how chic and stylish these look on my coffee table & how functional they are at the same time. What other shapes do you think would look as good as this?

Ampersand Cork Coasters four
Ampersand Cork Coasters in one
Ampersand Cork Coasters landscape