A Great Armchair Offers Design Substance Along with Style and Comfort

While the sofa usually gets top billing as the most important piece of furniture in the living room, there’s another, sometimes overlooked, piece that’s equally important: the armchair. A good armchair is a must for every living room or family room, living room or bedroom sitting area. While it’s sometimes an afterthought in decorating, the armchair should definitely get more attention. It absolutely has to be comfortable because this is where you’ll settle in to read or sit to chat with family and guests. Besides comfort, the armchair has to have plenty of style that complements the room’s decor. Picking a chic armchair for your space can actually be a little challenging not because they’re hard to find but because there are so many great designs to choose from. Check out these amazing armchairs:

Material Combination

Qgoista dooq furniture chairsView in gallery

A sophisticated combination of plush velvet upholstery and a refined rattan frame come together in a very distinctive armchair. The Egoísta swivel chair from Dooq translates to “selfish” in Portuguese and is a very apt name because the environment inside the chair is like a world of its own. Meant to evoke the narrow, sultry streets of Naples, the chair lets you rest in a spot that feels private – maybe even a little secret because it’s surrounded by the rattan frame. In addition to the velvet and rattan, the armchair is also made from solid wood, which can be natural walnut, natural oak, camel beech or chocolate beech. The base is an elegant disk of stainless steel plated in polished or satin brass, copper or nickel

Easy Chair Icon

Corona easy chair designView in gallery

Technically, this one doesn’t have arms, but the Corona is an iconic chair that endures because of its style and comfort. Designed in 1961 by Danish designer Poul M. Volther, it exemplifies his love of functionality and focus on simple processes and fine materials. The chair is made up of four separate components that are graduated in size. Curved wooden sections crime together in a design that has clean lines but still feels very organic and is totally comfortable. Investing in a good design is always worth it because it stands the test of time. Corona is not only the chair that earned Volther the most renown, but has become a design that has endured nearly decades in a marketplace that is constantly infused with new configurations.

Elegant Nonchalance

Ovo launge chair designView in gallery

The nonchalant way that pasta draped over a fat wooden rolling pin was the inspiration for Erik Jorgensen’s Ovo armchair. British designer Damian Williamson set out to translate that same nonchalance in an armchair and ended up with this plump but chic seat. Williamson says that the back and arms of the chair are folded just like pasta, but here it’s all draped over a sturdy steel frame. The elegant steel frame in the armrest connects the back and front of the chair and the leather is a pillowy soft contrast to the rigid metal. He also kept the visible stitching to a minimum to preserve the plump lines of the chair, like a pillow of pasta. The Ovo armchair is ideal for a chic living room because the design is so pleasing and versatile.

Familiar Comfort

DEGO Collection – Design GoriniView in gallery

When you want an armchair that’s perfect for reading or relaxing, this is the quintessential design that comes to mind. The Bizza armchair from Gorini has all the features that’ll make you never want to get up. Sumptuous leather and fabric upholstery choices are used to cover the wood frame. The seat is deep with low, almost winged arms on the sides to cradle you, but not interfere with arm movement. Extra cushioning on the seat and the ottoman ups the comfort level and adds some detailing. Settling into this chair is like slipping into your favorite jeans: The feeling is familiar and supremely comforting.

Scandinavian Contemporary

Flexiform alison armchairView in gallery

Designer Carlo Colombo has reinterpreted Scandinavian design with an of-the-moment flair in this Alison armchair for Flexform. Comprised of curves, the solid wood frame features a deeply cushioned seat. The backrest is crafted from saddle grade leather to provide support and create a very stylish backside. Offered in a range of variously stained woods and colors of leather, as well as textiles, the ultimate combination is up to the customer. The seat coverings are extra convenient because they can be removed for cleaning. Overall, the Alison armchair has a low profile and the enduring appeal of Scandinavian style, great for any living room, family room or den.

Short and Stout

Thomas flexform armchair designView in gallery

A twenty-year-old design that looks like it was created yesterday, the Thomas chair from Flexform is the quietly elegant chair that your living room needs now. Antonio Citterio designed the chair with a fat seat and short legs to emphasize the look of comfort. One of Flexform’s wildly popular best sellers, Thomas is essentially a super thick cushion on a short, sophisticated solid wood frame with an elegantly curved semicircular seatback. The wood comes in premium Canaletto walnut or ash that can be stained in a variety of colors. The main feature is its versatility because it will pair easily with any sofa or other seating. The seat cover can be removed for easy cleaning on this chair.

Distinctive Features

MisuraEmma Armchair Design Virgin CollectionView in gallery

Recognized for its back and arms that are a single continuous curve, the Virgin Armchair by Mauro Lipparini for Misura Emme is an ample upholstered seat that beckons you to sit down. An additional backrest cushion is inside the seat for more support.  The zaftig shape is set atop minimalist metal legs, creating a study in contrasts. On the other hand, the back of the armchair is equally distinctive because the upholstered body features a flat extension that reaches to the floor like a pillar, adding a visual element as well as a sturdy support that eliminates the need for regular legs in the back. Altogether, the Virgin armchair has a unique design that is versatile for a range of interiors.

It’s a Wrap

Lock bonaldo armchair designView in gallery

A simple strip bent into a gentle fold becomes a swanky chair for a stylish living room. The Lock, designed by Alessandro Busana for Bonaldo, is an armchair that puts the person seated at the center of focus and the center of the chair. The padded and upholstered strip gently wraps around the person with the ends forming a comfortable backrest.  The designer says that the chair exudes a “feeling of protection and safety” that makes people feel comfortable. The legs of the chair — which can be substituted with a swivel base — have a midcentury modern aesthetic and can be ordered in painted metal or a chrome, black nickel, copper or brass finish. The Lock has a modern and minimalist look, but above all is very comfortable.

Retro Upgrade

Ivanoredaelli aplombView in gallery

A little retro and a little modern, the Aplomb armchair from Ivano Redaeli is a very attractive design with a touch of Nordic sensibility  — or Italian flair — thrown in. The elegant solid wood frame has lost its hard edges with the rounding of the armrests and the legs. Matched with rounded, upholstered cushions, the design is sophisticated but not over the top. The splayed out design of the legs increases the visual impact of the chair, giving it a more substantial feel. At the same time, the pared-down frame makes the armchair super versatile throughout the home. The cushions can be upholstered in a large selection of fabrics.

Zen-Based Comfort

Onsa Mauro Lipparini Designer chair with ottomanView in gallery

It may look a little a modern version of the wingback chair, but the Onsa chair from Walter Knoll is more than that. Inspired by the Japanese approach to flowers where their representation “embodies the principles and practice of Zen,” the chair looks like “a flower stretching toward the sun.” Most importantly, this armchair offers up comfort and an enveloping embrace almost like a “little retreat.” Mauro Lipparini’s design envelops you in a wrap of softness and relaxation with a high back that is perfect for reading, watching TV or just lounging. The adjustable backrest makes the chair even more appealing for those looking to unwind. Lipparini’s philosophy of natural minimalism that melds clear, energetic lines with natural materials and original ideas shines through in this stylish chair.

From this selection of amazing armchairs, it is possible to see how a single chair can affect the overall decor of a room. Perhaps armchairs started out as a runner-up to the sofa as the star of the show, but that’s no longer the case. A well designed unique armchair indeed does more than just hold its own in the bigger scheme of living room decor.