Add Style To Your Bathroom Without Breaking The Budget

It comes a time when you feel like your bathroom needs a makeover. But when you think about all the items you have to buy and how much they all cost, you end up postponing the renovation and having to live with the same old bathroom décor. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of things you can do to make your bathroom look more appealing without spending too much money. Here are some tips.

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Add a decorative border.

One simple way of adding some pattern and color to your bathroom is to opt for a decorative border. It will break the monotony of a plain background and will create a subtle and elegant focal point. You can place the border at any level you want and try to create all sorts of interesting contrasts.For example, this tiny bathroom has a simple décor. It’s also been functionally designed, with everything close at hand. Besides the blue sink cabinet, there wasn’t much to look at. The decorative border then added a new point of interest.

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In the case of this bathroom, the décor was even more simple. In here it’s basically just a shower space. It was very bright thanks to the window and skylight and, of course, the white walls. However, something was missing until the decorative border was added. It’s a subtle and chic focal point and it makes the bathroom seem less cold and empty.

Create an eye-catching wall.

An accent wall is also a great idea for changing the overall décor of the bathroom without actually having to change much. An accent wall doesn’t necessarily have to feature a bold and vibrant color. It can simply be a wall featuring a lovely pattern or texture, anything that stands out in comparison with the rest of the décor.

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This bathroom, for example, doesn’t stand out much with its colors. It has a modern décor and it’s quite simple. The feature wall adds depth, pattern and texture to the room and allows it to feel less monotonous.

Opt for a unique floor.

One of the first things anyone notices when entering a room, before paying attention to any small details and accents, is the floor. So if you want a simple way of making your bathroom stand out without having to spend too much money on renovations, you could simple change the flooring.

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For example, this crisp white bathroom features a very simple but very cheerful floor design. It has beautiful black polka dots on a white background and they become closer together towards the borders. It’s a simple way of creating a fresh new look for the bathroom without actually changing much.

A monochrome interior.

If you prefer a minimalist look for your bathroom, then using accent features and decorations is probably not something you would like to do. In this case, maybe you would like to add a fresh new look to your bathroom by opting for a beautiful tile design and to use it for the entire room. This way you won’t have any distinct details, everything will look the same and you’ll also make a big change.

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This bathroom, for example, has a monochrome grey interior décor that extends on all the walls as well as the sink vanity. The ceiling, bathtub and sink are white but still in tone with the whole minimalist décor.

Use bold stripes.

If, on the contrary, you don’t really enjoy minimalist decors and prefer something a little more vibrant and dynamic, a great idea would be to opt for striped walls. You can also add stripes to the ceiling for a more cohesive look.

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The colors should not clash and they should be chosen according to the atmosphere you are trying to create. For example, this bathroom features soft tones of green, blue and yellow. The stripes don’t share the same dimensions and this makes the décor even more dynamic and fun.

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