Add a touch of color in your home with furniture from MYK

Sometimes we feel the need to embrace the fun and colorful part of life, to feel young again, to make some changes. You start with something simple. Add some color into your home with these unique furniture pieces designed by MYK. For example, this is the Bommel chair. In German, Bommel means pon-pom and it’s a work that perfectly describes this unconventional piece of furniture.

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The Bommel chair has a simple wooden frame with curved lines and edges. The fun part is the upholstery. It’s made of quality wood that was bundled, rolled, tied, cut and crafted entirely by hand in Germany. I don’t even want to imagine how long it took to make all those colorful and soft balls that were then sewed together to cover the seat and back of the chair. A single chair is covered with up to 1,300 woolen pompons and they weight up to 45 kg. This means that the chair might be a little too heavy to move around so you’ll probably want to find the perfect spot for it and leave it there.

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The Bommel chair also comes in a pouf version. The pouf is basically a huge pile of colorful woolen balls. It’s like sitting on a bunch of soft and furry creatures. Both the chair and the pouf are very fun pieces of furniture, great for the playroom or the children’s room. Still, the kids aren’t the only ones allowed to have fun and to enjoy these cozy and colorful pieces of furniture. The chair and the pouf would make eye-catching and unique elements for the living room but also for the bedroom and even the office. Personalize your home and add some color with the Bommel chair and pouf.