How to Achieve a Swedish Style

Swedish style, also commonly referred to as Scandinavian style, involves effortlessly blending elements of the casual and rustic scope with elements of a refined, elegant tendency. The resulting effect is nothing but a simply warm and cheerful space. For the Swedish styled space, less is best. Going back to its pastoral roots, Swedish style is simple, clean, and conveys an inherent sense of unassuming low-maintenance.

Swedish clean white living room

Although simple, the style is anything but boring. Bright natural light, classic blue and white combinations, and relaxed light wood tones provide a crisp, clean, and comfortable setting.Swedish style is fairly restrained; it’s both likeable and livable. Read on to discover some other tips for achieving a Swedish style in your own home.

Rustic Appeal with Light Wood Tones.

Fireplace swedish style

To keep the space light and fresh, light wood tones are used throughout the space in Swedish style. This not only brightens the room overall, but it provides subtle texture and visual interest without detracting from the room’s freshness.

Swedish white

Consider light wood for your architecture (e.g., ceiling beams, mantel, floor), but if that’s a little too much to bite off, you could always incorporate light wood in the form of photo frames or tabletop vignettes.

Low Maintenance Feel.

Scandinavian livingroom view from door

Swedish porch

The abandoned, chipped-paint piece is as much at home in Swedish style as the most classic of pieces. It’s important to the style to maintain a sense of friendly welcome, that your existence and visit is much more important than any furnishings or interior detail. One of the main charms of a Swedish styled space is its ability to gracefully recede into the background to allow life itself to take the forefront. Light, airy colors and a blend of old and new pieces will help to achieve this look.

Simple & Clean-Lined Profiles.

Swedish dining room

Bedroom with bench above

Swedish furniture is alluring because it’s simultaneously uncomplicated and refined. Clean lines and unfussy profiles, such as what you’ll find in straight-back sofas and traditional upholstered benches, prevail in the Swedish styled space. A few out-of-the-norm details might show themselves, like a curve where a straight line would suffice, but they’ll always be tastefully restrained.

White & Blue Tones.

Swedish corner fireplace

Swedish dining room1

There are some days during a Swedish winter that see the sun for less than two hours. The winter days are dark and dreary, and the winters themselves are long. Which is why the traditional Swedish palette includes light, uplifting colors. Primarily, whites and creams are used in abundance to reflect light around and hold light inside a space – an artificially-induced summer sun. Blue is another color used in moderation in Swedish style, as it hints at the existence of sky and sea. Keep things balanced to preserve the feel of airy freshness.

Wide Window Emphasis.

Window shutters white

Living room swedish

Scandinavian fireplace reading corner

Taking its cues from nature, Swedish style never turns down an opportunity to involve said nature into the space itself. Thus, any window (and, the wider the better) is left as exposed and open as possible so as to keep views from being obscured, to allow beautiful brightening natural light into the space, and to fill the aura with a soothing sense of the natural. (On an unrelated note…how beautifully formed is the antique Swedish Mora clock?)

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