A Tiny Mobile Shelter With Rustic Charm – Only 200 sqft

You might think that building a small house is easy because of the dimensions. In fact, it can be a very difficult challenge. When you have plenty of space to work with, there’s also room for compromises and last minute changes. But when the space is very limited, everything has to be perfect. It takes time and practice to understand the process and to create a viable design but the results are as impressive as the idea itself.

Aaron marets pocket shelter2

For the Aaron Maret the goal was to learn how to live small. He also wanted his family to enjoy the experience so finding a way to do that while working with such a limited living space was definitely not easy. Finding a way for everyone to fit reasonably here was a challenge.

Aaron marets pocket shelter

Aaron marets pocket shelter1

The tiny structure you see now is a mobile home that its owner designed and built himself. It took time, effort and patience to learn about the process but, by doing that, he also learned a lot about design and building and about ways of living that one can adopt.

Aaron marets pocket shelter3

Aaron marets pocket shelter4

Aaron marets pocket shelter7

Aaron marets pocket shelter8

This shelter is very small but it has a very comfortable interior. It includes cozy benches and plenty of storage underneath and inside all the cabinets and drawers. This mobile home is quite similar to a barn. It has all the main necessities of a regular home, with windows, resting areas, storage and even a small deck.

Aaron marets pocket shelter9

Aaron marets pocket shelter5

Aaron marets pocket shelter6

Of course, the best part about owning such a shelter is that you can move it around and you can take it with you anywhere you go. This way you can choose the location and the views you want to wake up with in the morning. It’s a freedom that comes with a few small sacrifices but it also has its amazing rewards.