A rocking chair and cradle in one

Babies have always inspired people to create wonderful things not only because they want some good looking object for their child, but also so answer and solve some issues. For instance this wonderful creation combines a rocking chair and a cradle. As I was saying babies go to sleep easily when they are swing or if you gently sing a lullaby. I only can imagine the ways people do this or how uncomfortable the parents stay while performing these tasks.  Imagine how it would be in this chair.  Softly swinging the rocking chair with your  baby nest to you, doing two different tasks in the same time. Imagine you reading a book in the rocking chair and in the same time putting your baby to sleep.

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Although is made of hardwood and bolts this chair can be incredibly comfortable thanks to those two cushions, also the place destined for your child is spacious and has relatively high walls so your baby won’t fall down if he wakes up and  rolls over. The “rockid” comes in different colors and when the baby grows and you won’t be needing this chair in its original form, it is possible to reconstruct the item into a rocking chair.

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Whoever had this idea deserves gratitude  from mother all over the globe who won’t be carrying their child in their arms and walking  around the room swinging   and singing so their baby falls asleep. Those who already had a baby knows what I’m talking about, so do yourself a favor and spare you from  a terrible back pain.{found on Rockid}.