A few beautiful plants which are suitable for a fall garden

Gardens are usually especially beautiful during spring. It’s when everything wakes up from the long winter sleep. Now that summer is also gone, you might tend to get a little depressed because all the trees are losing their leaves and all the plants are getting ready to hibernate. However, this doesn’t have to be true because there are lots of plants that are the most beautiful during fall. This means you can have a splendid garden. Let’s see which flowers and plants are suitable for these gardens.

1. Mexican sage.

Purple flowers for garden

The purple Mexican bush sage is very beautiful and it’s a species that blooms around this time of the year. It has purple and white blooms with a velvety texture and it can reach 3 to 4 feet tall. It starts to flower in September and it enchants you with its colors until frost.

2. Coleus.

Purple flowers for garden

This is a species that adds color to the landscape and that has two stages. It’s beautiful through both. First it’s bright chartreuse and then it quickly turns pinkish-red. Its rich colors make a nice accent detail for any garden.

3. Blue asters.

Purple flowers for garden

Asters are beautiful flowers and they are also long-lasting so they are a great addition to fall gardens. They start to bloom around mid-September and they have delicate blue petals and small yellow centers that then fade to brown. They are colorful for almost an entire month.

4. Sedum.

Purple flowers for garden

The beautiful colors of the Sedum and its structure make this species a classical in all autumn gardens. Their blooms are dark-pink and turn bronzy red. They are thick and sturdy and even resemble broccoli. They have the perfect loom for a fall garden.

5. Mums.

Purple flowers for garden

Heirloom mums look wonderful when paired with asters. They have rose-colored blooms and this also makes them a great companion for the Mexican bush sage. They resemble pink daisies and they have a delicate look which makes them particularly charming.