9 Ways To Bring Style Into The Bathroom

We tend to give little important to the bathroom either because we perceive it as a utilitarian space or because it’s small and not that frequented as other areas of the house. But it’s important for the bathroom to be an inviting space and skimping on style is not a great option. Let’s review a few decorating ideas.

Framed wall art

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The bathroom walls need to look beautiful too and a simple solution is to hang framed wall art. It should be something simple, in tone with the rest of the room’s décor. It will be something to look at while you’re relaxing in the tub.{found on rikkisnyder}.

Color-themed towels

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Everything you include in the bathroom has an impact on the overall décor, even the towels. They can match the color palette you’ve chosen for the room. For example, here the towels are simple and feature two colors, the same ones used for the walls and furniture.

Vintage accents

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One way to make a bathroom look stylish and classy is with a vintage décor. You can create that look with the appropriate mirror frames, light fixtures, window treatments and furniture.{found on greesonandfast}.

Flower vases

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Fresh flowers can rejuvenate a room and make it look more welcoming so use this strategy when decorating your bathroom. Display a simple vase with a fresh colorful flowers on the bathroom vanity and you’ll instantly see the difference.

Animal trophies

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As far as the theme of the décor goes, it can be anything you want and you can even hang animal trophies on the bathroom walls if you like the idea. They actually look quite interesting here.


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Baskets are charming and they make space look comfortable and inviting so use them for storage in the bathroom. You can have a basket for storing toilet paper, one for towels and you can also improvise.


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If you prefer a simple bathroom décor that doesn’t look boring, one option is to use wallpaper. It can feature an interesting design or pattern and it can be the element that adds pizzazz to your bathroom.


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If your bathroom has a large window or a glass door, you can use this opportunity to hang some long and beautiful curtains. They’ll add privacy to the room and they’ll also enhance the décor, giving it a familiar and comfortable look.


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A lot of people enjoy reading books while they’re in the bathroom so why not include a small bookcase or a few shelves in there as well? You can use books to give the bathroom a beautiful look. But place them somewhere convenient.

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Posted in How To, Tips, and Advice on November 7, 2010

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