5 Stylish, Trendy & Updated Wallpaper Patterns

Wallpaper has been out-of-style for decades, but with all the focus on unique styles and fun decor, its slowly creeping back into the interior design world. And thank goodness for that! Gone are the days of old floral patterns and weird fruity designs, instead we have the opportunity to snag some of the most stylish, beautiful and intricately made wallpaper. If you need something to perk up the hallway, the foyer or the wall behind the kitchen stove, Take a look at some real life samples and grab some ideas and inspiration.

1. Geometric Prints.

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Geometric prints are great for bringing a confined edginess into any space. It looks great and adds depth to modern rooms but also adds a bit of sophisticated, artistic appeal as well. For something a bit more redefined stick with classic color combinations like black and white or navy and ivory. But, if you want something a bit outside the box, try chartreuse or mustard.

2. Nature Made.

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Whether it’s birds or beautiful, hand-drawn tree trunks, nature-inspired wallpaper can breathe life and love into any room. These designs have an artistic style that’s unknown to monochromatic walls but they also have the power to transform any corner, room or hallway into an fascinating, eclectic alcove.

3. Simple Textures.

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Sometimes all you need is a bit of texture to take your vision to the next level. Perfect for your larger bedroom or great room’s accent wall, wallpaper with a bit of tangibility is interesting enough to the eye but still warm and inviting enough to feel at home. Try textured paper in lighter colors so you can really get a sense of what’s going on design-wise.

4. Updated Florals.

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We love florals, but when it comes to wallpaper try out the more updated styles. Stay away from small, intricate flowers and find a pattern that involve lush petals and bigger details. It’ll give the room a playful, youthful and sometimes even flirtatious appeal. So, it’s perfect for bathrooms, breakfast nooks and maybe your daughter’s bedroom!

5. Polka-Dots Revised.

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Polka-dots are always in style. They’re fun and look great in all colors. But, you can use polka-dots in a couple different ways. Various sizes, multiple-colors and different shapes too. Small squares with a bit of metallic or maybe even triangles – it’s all very architectural but with these types of patterns it can also just add a nice little surprise to the dining room or home office.

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