4 ways to easily renovate your bathroom

It’s difficult to renovate the entire house at the same time both because of the financial issue and the fact that you would have to find another place to live during that period. So most people choose to renovate one room at the time. Today we’re going to focus on the bathroom and we’re going to show you four ways of easily renovating your bathroom based on Scott McGillivray’s tips.

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1. A warm décor.

Some people prefer to think of their bathroom as a cozy area where they can relax and be alone with their thoughts. For that a warm décor is advisable. And we’re talking both figuratively and literally. For that you’ll need electric towel racks, radiant floor-heating systems that are both cost-friendly and easy to install.

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2. Functional storage cabinets.

In the bathroom it’s absolutely necessary to have a series of functional storage units or cabinets. And since space is also always an issue, you could think of having a custom storage unit built into your wall that will solve the space issue and will also provide you with plenty of storage space.

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3. Stylish vanities

A chic vanity is always a simple and easy way of making a bathroom stand out. The best thing about this is that there are options for every budget. Moreover, it will be both stylish and practical since it includes drawers and storage spaces.

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4. Creative bathroom doors

Since most bathrooms are small, the doors tend to get in the way. That’s why pocket doors or sliding doors would be a really great idea in this case. It will be both fun and stylish, not to mention space-saving.{pics from bhg}