3D furniture collection by Martin Gallagher

Nowadays almost all new movies are 3D. It’s an invasion! It’s become such a common detail that people have started coming up with all sorts of 3D designs. For example here’s a furniture collection actually called “3D”. It’s been designed by Martin Gallagher and it’s a very modern furniture collection.

3D Coffee table and stools open posttionView in gallery

The 3D collection includes a very beautiful and versatile coffee table and 3 stools that share the same design and characteristics. The most beautiful thing about this collection is that it’s both good-looking and very functional and versatile. For example, it even allows you to adjust the height and overall scale by simply removing or adding plywood layers. However, only the coffee table has this characteristic. This doesn’t mean that the stools are less functional. In fact, each stool can also act as a very good side table. Moreover, the stool upholstery is available is a large variety of different colors. This allows you to choose a vibrant color to spice up the décor or maybe a more quiet tone to match with the rest of your furniture.

3D Coffee table and stools open posttion

Regardless of the color you choose, this collection looks equally elegant and stylish. And in case you were worried about the space, you should observe that the design of the coffee table allows you to simply add the stools like puzzle pieces in order to save some space.