20 Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Mantel Décor Ideas

The mantel is the piece that always gets festive whenever there’s a special occasion. On Halloween it gets decorated with pumpkins and other themed items, on Christmas it gets a wreath or Christmasy decorations and Valentine’s Day it gets decorated with hearts and romantic elements. There are all sorts of mantel decorations that you can make by yourself for this romantic occasion.

Valentines day mantel decor idea
Handcrafted decorations are always beautiful and they make the décor feel more casual

For example, you can make a lovely wreath or you can make a garland to hang on the mantel. You can also cut out some hearts from colored paper and spread them all over. Flowers are also popular decorations and they create a romantic atmosphere when placed in a beautiful vase. Of course, you can be creative and come up with all sorts of other ideas. Find the thing that makes you happy and that defines love for you and use it as a symbol.

Valentines day mantel country look
Decorative plates remain a popular décor element so don’t hesitate to use them
White mantel valentines decor

A wreath hanging from the corner of the mirror complements the whole arrangement
Valentines day mantel decor idea1
The heart is a powerful symbol and it doesn’t need anything else to stand out
Valentines day mantel decor
A paper garland with bold colors will definitely cheer up the atmosphere
Mantel decor
Few things are more romantic than photos. Add a message and it’s perfect
Valentines day mantel decor1
The candles complement the fireplace beautifully and the red wall makes it even better
Lovevly mantel
Be creative but follow a chromatic palette for a cohesive look
Mantel for valentines
A simple arrangement is sometimes very powerful if you use the right elements
Be mine message
Personalize the mantel with short and simple messages and symbols
Valentines day mantel decor ideas 1
Paper garlands are easy to make and they make lovely decorations
Tv above fireplace
A minimalist décor doesn’t need much to stand out
White grey mantel
Use soothing colors for a more elegant and sophisticated décor
Hanging gerlands for valentines
Personalize your garland with photos for a unique look
Reclaimed woode mantel
One word is more powerful than all other decorations
Valentines day mantel decor ideas 2
You could make a wreath out of colored paper and use it on the mantel
Love need
Think creatively and choose the style that best suites you
Be mine message1
With some paper and ribbon you can make a lovely garland to hang on the mantel
Valentines day mantel
Love the way
Love text
Valentine’s Day Mantel with White-and-Pink Accents



Use the mantel as a display area for all the little romantic things you want to integrate in the décor. The colors you choose are important but so are the symbols. Candles, for example, are always romantic. You can use them on the table for some subtle and intimate light during dinner but you can also place them on the mantel. For some more inspiring ideas, take a look at the following examples.