1826 Farmhouse Converted Into A Luxury Villa

Villa Solaire is located in France and it used to be a farmhouse. Originally built in 1826, the structure was converted into a modern villa by Jérémie Koempgen Architecture and FUGA. Because of its historic value, it became a landmark for traditional architecture so the team had to respect these elements when converting the space. The building has uniform cladding which has been preserved.

Villa Solaire Converted14

With a total area of 620 square meters, managing to bring light in all the rooms of the villa was definitely a challenge for the architects. They used a traditional technique to make cut-outs within the wood strips and created a contemporary pattern.

Villa Solaire Converted1

The result is an interior filled with natural light. These slits are very functional but, at the same time, they are not visible from the outside so they don’t interfere with the exterior design which had to be preserved.

Villa Solaire Converted

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The interior of the villa is organized into four blocks. Each independent unit contains a suite with a sleeping area and all the necessary amenities. The spaces between the four blocks house a series of shares areas such as the kitchen and the dining room. What’s particularly beautiful about the villa is that it preserves the charm of the old farmhouse but it also has a modern feel which makes it particularly inviting and comfortable.