13 Tips For A Perfect Bathroom Organization

Imagine having bubbly bath in a tub filled with warm water after a long day of work. You will definitely feel relaxed right. But, to enjoy that pleasant experience it is essential to have an elegant and well organized bathroom. Majority of them are poor at organizing the bathroom perfectly. Here are few tips for organizing the bathroom to give it a pleasant and appealing look.

Organizing the sink area

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Things you need daily such as the razor, toothpaste, tooth brushes should be kept in reach. So, keep them in the drawer right below the sink or in a rack attached to the wall above the sink. Do not clutter things around the sink. If you do not have shelves to store things, then place all the daily needed items in attractive looking countertop storage jars or tumblers. Use of glass containers gives a stylish look to the bathroom. For a unique look you can even consider using corral containers. If you have kids then consider using stylish baskets made of bamboo.

Use racks for storing towels

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If you have an unused magazine rack in the room then consider using it for storing the towels in the bathroom. In such a rack you can easily store up to four large fluffy towels very easily. Having separate space for fresh towels avoids mixing up with used towels.

Place the to bin under the sink

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The space under the sink cannot be used for storing towels or other bath needs due to plumbing issues. So, this is the best place to place the trash can.

Consider using shelf expanders or slide out organizers

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If you have very small cabinets and do not have space to place all the things consider using shelf expanders to easily fit in everything within the available space. You can also use the space at the back of the doors to place items such as hair dryers.

Install door hanging racks

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In small sized bathrooms where there is no enough wall space for racks consider using door hanging racks for efficient usage of available space. These hooks can be used to hang the items or to dry the used towels.

Place towel bars to the back surface of the vanity

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If the cabinets are not fixed wall to wall then you can use the inside surface of the vanity to fix the towel bar or you can even use it for hanging racks.

Use free standing units

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If you have no vanity unit to place all the toiletries then consider installing a freestanding unit. This can be placed at one corner of the bathroom.

Place cleaning supplies under the sink

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The area under the sink is an ideal place for storing the cleaning supplies. This will also help in having easy access to the supplies. It even prevents the danger of mixing of cleaning solutions with bathing supplies.

Use a tub rack for placing soaps

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If you do not have space to place the soaps and shampoo containers in the cabinet then consider using a rack that perfectly balances on either side of the tub. Few models of the tub rack come with a book support and also a wine glass holder for those who love to enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub.

Uniform sized bottles

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Storing the bathing needs in suppliers bottles may not look great. For an elegant look consider using similar sized bottles to store the bathing supplies. Just decant the products in to the bottles and arrange them in the shelves. However, be careful to store similar products at one place and use them carefully. If you feel that use of similar bottles can be confusing then consider using colored bottles for various supplies.

Place extra towels in a bamboo baskets

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Fluffy white towels enhance the look of the bathroom. If you have enough space in the bathroom, consider placing few extra towels in bamboo baskets just by the side of the tub. You can even use small wooden stands for this purpose.

Include hooks for soggy towels

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Soggy and used towels should be dried to make them ready for next use. So, it is a good idea to include hooks for hanging used towels. Include a hook for every member of the family. This will not only provide the space for drying your towels separately but also avoids a messy look to the bathroom.

Do not include medicine cabinets in bathroom

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It is always recommended to store medicines in cool dry space where there is no humidity. Hence, do not make the common mistake of including the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. However, if you have any lotions or creams to be applied after bath include them in the cabinets away from the shower tub and the sink.

Lastly, enhance the look of the bathroom by covering the walls with tiles to give a simple and sleek look. For easy organizing of bathroom make it a habit to through the unused waste periodically. Whenever you purchase new bath needs make sure to place them at appropriate places rather than dumping.These simple habits can save you from frequent bathroom cleaning and also helps you to enjoy a pleasant looking bathroom all the time.{picture sources 1,2,3 and 4,5,6,7,8,9, 10,11,12 and 13}