11 Spectacular Sunset Views Around The Globe

The sunset and the sunrise are basically very simple and very common phenomena. However, they have always impressed us with their colors. The sunset is usually more impressive. It’s because sunset colors are typically more brilliant than sunrise colors as evening air contains more particles than morning air.

Sunset oia santorini greece
The sun sets over Santorini and gives us a glimpse at the stunning surrounding landscape

It’s these vibrant colors such as the intense orange or the red shades that mesmerize us and turns something as simple as the daily disappearance of the sun below the horizon into a magical moment.Even the most beautiful views in the world seem better at sunset. The colors completely change the atmosphere. Of course, it all differs with the location and this experience is always unique.

Waterfront in Cape Town
In Cape Town, South Africa, the best place to admire the sunset is the harbor
Gordons Bay South Africa
Stunning sunset views from Gordon’s Bay, South Africa
Gordons Bay South Africa1
Head to the beach to admire the South African sunset in its entire splendor
Doya rice terrace sunset japan
The Doya rice terraces from Japan becomes magical under sunset light
Riomaggiore cinque terre italy sunrise james brandon
In the famous Cinque Terre region from Italy, both the sunrise and the sunset are magical
La paz bolivia at sunset
The entire La Paz city becomes flooded in orange at sunset
Rome sunset
Rome is even more stunning with the sun disappearing in the distance
Venice at sunset italy
The picturesque Venice bursts with color as the sun sets at the horizon
New york sunset1
A stunning capture of the New York sunset in the busy city
Darkness falls across California as the sun leaves behind traces of color

Although there’s a very logical scientific explanation for the amazing colors and visual effects that we see every day, we are all just hypnotized by their beauty and stop everything just to admire them. This is a collection of amazing sunset views from across the world, each showcasing the beauty of this spectacular moment.

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