11 Kitchen Trends for 2013 Not to Miss

Over the years, the kitchen has become a social space where friends and families spend time together on a regular basis. To make sure your kitchen is a pleasant space to spend time in, you should try to make it feel inviting. The kitchen should be functional but without ignoring style. Here are some trends to watch for this year in case you’re planning a kitchen remodel.

Glass kitchen backsplash.

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A glass backsplash gives your kitchen luminosity and adds a plus of style

Glass backsplashes have become increasingly popular over the last few years and they are still an important trend in kitchen décor. Glass is easy to clean and it also has a simple and stylish look. It scratches easily but there measures that can help you protect against that.

LED lighting.

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LED lighting is a modern, energy-efficient and versatile alternative

Led lighting is very popular as well and not just in the case of the kitchen. It is used in living rooms, bedrooms, even outdoors. LED lighting is not just a modern and new option but it’s also an energy-efficient alternative that should be taken into consideration during a renovation or remodel.

High gloss look.

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High gloss cabinets and kitchen islands make the room feel sophisticated
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The high gloss finish suits simple and airy decors with a restraint color palette

This year the popularity of high gloss surfaces maintains its popularity in the kitchen. So if you want to give your kitchen a new look, think of getting new cabinets with a high gloss finish. If you don’t want to buy new furniture, then you can just reface the cabinets. Make them look sleek and chic by giving them a simple yet glamorous look.

Touch-activated faucets.

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Touch-activated faucets are the best option at this point for several reasons

Modern and contemporary kitchens usually focus on functionality and efficiency. It’s why touch-activated faucets have become so popular lately. This year they remain in vogue so don’t hesitate to replace your old faucets with the new generation. They are very efficient and help you save water, not to mention that they’re very practical and hygienic.

Wood and solid countertops.

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A wooden countertop adds warmth and texture to the decor
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Stone and concrete countertops are a popular trend in modern kitchens
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Solid countertops are both functional and good-looking, especially in minimalist decors

The countertops are a very important part in any kitchen’s décor. As you may have noticed, now solid countertops are popular. They give the kitchen a simple and modern look and they’re also quite functional. You can opt for wooden countertops or, if you want something a little more glamorous, for quartz. Concrete countertops are also popular.

Hardwood floors.

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Hardwood flooring is very elegant and adds a unique charm to the room

Hardwood flooring is an elegant and stylish option and they remain a popular trend for 2013. They might not be great in terms of maintenance and they might also be difficult to install, but they make the kitchen feel warm, elegant and inviting. You can’t achieve the same result with other materials.

Deep bowl sinks.

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Deep bowl sinks are more suitable for modern use as they can accommodate all sorts of pots and pans

A stylish sink can definitely change the look of your kitchen. For 2013, the experts recommend deep bowl sinks. They are very functional and practical because they give you more freedom of movement. They also have a dramatic visual effect on the whole décor. So consider this style for your remodel.

Incorporating kitchen appliances.

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For a modern and space-efficient décor opt for built-in appliances

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Since most kitchens are now focusing on space-efficient designs and functional layouts, built-in appliances are a must-have. This year makes no difference. This year’s trend is about incorporating commercial-style stoves and other appliances in the kitchen. Consider opting for stainless steel appliances and make sure you find a good spot for them.

Mixing cabinet colors.

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Mix colors and finishes for a more dynamic appearance

There was a time when all the kitchen cabinets and all the other furniture in the room had to have the same finish and the same color. The situation is different now. This year you should try mixing cabinet colors. Create dynamic and vibrant décor and have fun combining your favorite shades.

Scandinavian simplicity.

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Simple and minimalist kitchen décor seem more airy and clean

Minimalist and simple decors are popular for quite some time and they’re still a strong trend. So if you’re planning on giving your kitchen a makeover this year then you should try to use clean lines and to opt for the Scandinavian simplicity everyone seems to admire. The décor should be simple, enat and nicely organized.

Brass faucets.

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Brass faucets are more demanding in terms of maintenance but their charm is unique

Another interesting trend this year has to do with brass faucets. They have been the subject of an increase in popularity and that’s because of their versatility and elegance. You can accessorize your kitchen stylish brass faucets regardless of the type of décor or colors used.

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