10 Extravagant Ways To Decorate For Halloween

Halloween can be a really fun time for the family and the neighborhood. Candies and sweets, scary stories and movies night … it doesn’t ever need to be taken out of context. With that being said, we’re all ready for Halloween and want to share with you some outrageous, extravagant, extremely creative and amazing ways some have decided to decorate for this spooky, cooky holiday! Enjoy the inspiration, grab some ideas and try to replicate something for yourself!!

1. The shipwrecked skeleton.

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This guy decided to call up the Black Pearl and have the spirits crash in the yard. With some serious skill, they created a life-size shipwrecked boat and it’s quite old captain.

2. Where’d the tracks go?

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Another skeleton driver was the culprit of this tragic accident. Someone decided to have a train crash into their graveyard.

3. When spider’s attack.

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This building decided to become a bit infested. Take tons of cobwebs and buy some of those extra-large spiders you’ve seen hanging around some of the stores to create this masterpiece.

4. The house is full.

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Yes, the house is full of a bit of everything! Every window is covered with frightful silhouettes!

5. The ultimate haunted house.

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Board up the windows, add some dusty cobwebs and a ton of other stuff. This family really went all-out in their quest to create a spooky haunted house!

6. The super stylish entrance.

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You don’t have to be kitschy. You can also dress your house up in a super stylish way. Oranges, blacks and whites … pumpkins, ribbons and throws!


7. The trick-or-treat mantle.

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Fill up apothecary jars with marshmallows and candy, create a lively banner, add sparkles, cobwebs … make it a Halloween explosion on the mantle or dining room table!

8. The pumpkin filled house.

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How many lighted pumpkins do you think you can fill up the front yard with? This house used tons to create a very orange glow! Just be careful not to cause and fire hazards if you try this one out.

9. And he went through the tree.

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I’ve seen this done with a witch and with a skeleton too. It’ll definitely get everyone’s attention from the street!

10. The witch is in.

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If you really want to create a scene, use dry ice or a fog machine to give that eerie atmosphere. They created some smoke for the cauldron in this little display!