Unique Color Combinations For The Kitchen

Wanna refresh your freshest space? Try out some of these unique color combinations for the kitchen! Try putting something together that you’ve never done before or doesn’t exactly “follow the rules.” You’ll have fun, trust us!

1. Grey and Brown.

The rule says they don’t go together, but in the kitchen they sure do! Stainless steel appliances, wooden cabinets and neutral grey walls makes for a very sleek, chic kitchen with a dash of masculinity. It’s completely different than the usual and will definite add an element of surprise to your home.

2. Royal Blue & Gold.

These glamorous colors will make you feel just that … glamorous. They’re loud, they’re bold but they’re still very chic and stylish. You’ll feel regal and refined in a kitchen shining this brightly.

3. A mix of it all.

If you can’t decide on a color combo, or just don’t want to … use them all! Take a bit from every shade you love and create an artistic, eclectic mess that’s fun, playful and functional. Everyone will love to hang out in such a cheerful, unique space.

4. Purples and plums.

Take a purple and grab a plum and you have a newly refreshed and regal kitchen! Make sure to add some neutral walls to make your choices pop!

5. Yellow & Red.

No not like McDonald’s, we’re a bit more sophisticated than that! Evoke a sense of Tuscany by pairing a crisp, muted yellow and a deep red. It’s new and different but still very functional and fun.

6. Gold & Silver.

Use these beautiful metallics in the kitchen to stay neutral .. with a punch. Keep your wooden cabinets to tone things down a bit, then go all out with the decor.

7. Pink & Black.

A fun, popular color combination already, pink and black brings the funk inside the kitchen. Wonderful hot pink cabinets with black counter tops enhance each other and keep things stylish. It’s definitely a unique choice.

8. Butterceam and Blue.

For a light, fluffy style, try out buttercreams and blues. It’s neutral enough to use any type of cabinet and appliance but different enough to add personality to the space.

9. Wine & White.

For something crisp, clean and a little bit country (with those baskets and patterned floor) try out red wine and diamond white. It adds a burst of light and personality.

10. Chocolate & Lime

One of the most unique ideas is to use chocolate brown and lime green. It’s definitely eclectic and adds something funky to the room. They also compliment each other well on countering walls.

Published by in Kitchen, on August 30th, 2012


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