Should You Go For Curtains Or Settle With Drapes

When it comes to treating and dressing the windows, you have a myriad of options and choices at your disposal. While having an extensive variety to select from is definitely great, but it is known to be confusing also. For instance, should you go for curtain or settle with drapes.

Drapes and curtains are the most common window dressing options and often are used interchangeably as most of the people are unable to differentiate between both of them. Though drapes and curtain may seem not to be very similar, but they are quite different from each other.

Here is a detailed comparison between the two to make you wise and help you make the right selection –

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Drapes are nothing but heavy weight, floor length, lined fabrics hung on the rods with hooks for traversing. On the other hand, curtains are unlined, light weight fabrics of varying length attached to the rods with rings, tabs, grommets, or rod pocket casing.

If you want to incorporate rich fabrics in your room such as silk or velvet then you need to go for drapes, whereas curtains are best done in linen, cotton, sheer or lacy fabrics.

Drapes are always done in pleats and of floor length. American, French, etc is some of the popular pleating styles. Curtains may or may not bear the pleats, and their length varies with the size of the window. Generally, curtains for sliding glass doors are not pleated and those for French doors are pleated.

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If you do not want any light to come in then you should go for drapes as they are made out of thick fabrics and are lined. Curtains are not lined and allow light to pass across them due to their light sheer fabric.

To decide on whether you should go for curtains or settle or with drapes, you need to consider your need, budget and the area where they are to be installed. If you have a restricted budget then you should go for curtains as drapes are much expensive than the curtains due to the heavy fabric and the quantity. Drapes demand professional installation but you can easily install curtains by yourself. Drapes are more suitable for large open spaces such as churches, mansions, manors, banquet halls, marriage halls, etc. And for offices, homes, studios and other small establishments, curtains are more appropriate.

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