How To Decorate A Pink Bathroom

You may have lots of ideas for how to decorate a pink bedroom, a pink living room maybe even a pink home office but a pink bathroom…not so much. It’s not the most popular and commonly used color in this particular room but this doesn’t make it a bad choice. In fact, it can be a very interesting option.

Use pink as an accent color.

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If you don’t want the bathroom to look all girly and colorful, use pink as an accent color and combine with neutral shades such as white or beige. Tone it down a little bit and use it only to highlight certain designs or spaces.

Pink furniture.

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You don’t necessarily have to use pink on the walls. If you leave them plain and white, you can use pink elsewhere in the room. For example, opt for pink furniture. It can be a very refreshing detail.

A pink tub.

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Bathtubs can be restored and given any color you want, including pink. So mix it up a little bit. Pink can be a wonderful color for a freestanding or claw foot tub.

Pink walls.

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Of course, the easiest way to introduce color in a room is by painting the walls. And since you’re choosing the easy way, at least pick a bold shade of pink and combine it with plain and simple fixtures and amenities.

Play with textures and shades.

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You don’t necessarily have to choose a single shade of pink and use it to decorate the entire bathroom. You can mix and match several tones and also play with different textures for a diverse and stylish décor.

A mix of pastels.

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If you decide to use a pastel pink on the bathroom walls, then you have the opportunity to also include a few other pastel shades in the design. For example, yellow is a very nice and cheerful color.

Pink accessories.

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Add color to a minimalist bathroom with colored accessories. For example, some pink vanity accessories could match the shower curtain or stand out on their own.

Romantic curtains.

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Since you’ve decided to make pink your color of choice for the bathroom, then go all out and create a romantic and feminine décor. Create a beautiful canopy for the tub and use pink curtains for the shower.

Balance out the colors.

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If you use more than one color in the room, it’s important to know how to create a balance between them. Use pink for the floor and wall tiles, beige or ivory for the cabinets and vanity and a cold shade for the curtain and a few of the other accessories.