How To Decorate A Living Room This Summer?

Even though the main features in your living room remain the same throughout the year, the small details change with the seasons. When summer is approaching, it’s time to replace the cozy and fluffy textures with something more breezy and refreshing. You should also consider changing the color palette. Let’s see what other improvements you can make.

Replace the heavy curtains with something breezy.

Those long and heavy curtains that used to keep the living room warm during winter are no longer suitable now so replace them with something lighter. You should also keep this idea in mind when redecorating the rest of the room. Choose light fabrics like chiffon or even cotton.

Add some colorful pillows.

Give the room a vibrant and lively look by adding a few colorful throw pillows and cushions to the mix. Use cheerful colors like yellow, orange or turquoise. You can also keep some extra blankets in a woven basket for the chilly evenings. Don’t be shy when it comes to prints and patterns. Get pillows with sunflower, butterfly or sailboat prints to enhance the theme.

Light up the room.

Invite sunlight into the living room by opening the windows and removing the curtains and make sure the room is properly lit at night too. You can use string lights which are very easy to hang and look really cute. You can also hang paper lanterns which are a very appropriate option.

Store the rug and leave the floor bare.

The thick, fluffy rug that kept your feet warm all winter long has lost its usefulness so it’s time to store it for when the cold days return. For now, leave the floor bare or, if you insist on covering it with something, choose a cotton rug or something light.

Decorate with seasonal flowers.

What better way to welcome summer into your living room than by displaying seasonal flowers and arrangements? Don’t bother creating something complex or sumptuous. In fact, the simpler the better. A few fresh flowers in a jar can look very casual and charming.

Themed wall paintings.

It wouldn’t hurt to also swap the usual wall painting for something more cheerful and summer-like. Perhaps an image of a sandy beach would be nice or a picture of the ocean waves which can actually have calming effect.

Spend some time outdoors.

As relaxing as it can be to chill out inside the house, summer offers you an alternative. So embrace nature and get some furniture outside. A few chairs and a small table and you’ll have a lovely outdoor living area which you can enjoy for months to come.

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