How To Choose The Right Rug According To The Room’s Function

So you’ve decided a rug would make your home feel cozier and more inviting. That’s great but finding the right one for the right one is not as easy as you may think. Each room and each area has different requirements and you need to pay attention to these details.

The entryway.

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In the case of the entryway, first of all you must choose the right size for your rug. Make sure it also fits nicely and doesn’t obstruct the door. You should also try to find a rug that’s easy to clean. Patterned rugs are usually very forgiving.

The hallway.

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For the hallway, it’s best to take into consideration the size and shape of the space before choosing a rug. A long and narrow hallway needs a runner which can feature an eye-catching design, a fun pattern or a bold combination of colors. (http://www.homedit.com/hallway-runners/)

The bathroom.

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It’s not exactly customary to include a rug in the bathroom given all the water, moisture and everything. However, a rug would make the room feel a lot more relaxing, inviting and pleasant. It would also feel great under your feet.

The bedroom.

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Bedroom rugs are usually fluffy and soft so you feel their nice texture under your bare feet when you get out of bed. They’re also like that to make the room feel extra warm and cozy.

The living room.

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The days when the living room featured a huge rug or a carpet, from wall to wall, are long gone. An area rug placed at the center of the room is the popular version we prefer today. And since the living room is a social space, the rug can feature a busy pattern, a striking design or shape or vibrant colors without looking overwhelming.

The kids’ room.

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Have fun decorating the kids’ room with bold-colored rugs or rugs with fun shapes like flowers, cartoon characters, etc. make graphic statements and don’t be afraid to be bold.{found on cascabellbebes}.

The office.

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Choosing a rug for your home office is a matter of finding the right balance. The rug has to be simple, not too bold, not too colorful but it needs to give the room a welcoming and comfortable look.

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