How to Build Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets?

Do wish to install outdoor kitchen cabinets near your outdoor patio set or barbeque set? Well, it is definitely a good decision as outdoor cabinets shall enhance the storage space and prevent you from running into the house every time you require something.

The outdoor kitchen cabinets are very different from the indoor kitchen cabinets. The outdoor kitchen cabinets are subject to charges of natural elements such as wind, rain, storm, etc and need to be prepared accordingly. If you do not do so, the kitchen cabinets will rot and break down.

1) First of all, you need to measure the available space where you intend to hang the kitchen cabinets. Ascertain the length, width and height of the cabinet. Note down the measurements in a piece of paper. If you are installing a number of cabinets, note down the measurements for each cabinet.

2) Lay down the plywood sheets on the floor and sketch the panels with the help of a marker. The sketch should include a back panel with height and length measurements, two side panels with height and width measurements, bottom and top panel with length and width measurements and a panel for the gate of the cabinet.

3) With the help of a table saw, cut the plywood board along the lines sketched so that you get separate pieces for each part of the cabinet.
Once the plywood pieces are properly cut, smooth the edges and the front sides with the help of a sand paper in order to remove splinters if any.

4) Now you need to construct the frame of the cabinet. Take the two side panels and put them across. Place the back panel and bottom panel in between the two side panels and attach them together with the help of nails. Once these panels are attached, join the top panel to the frame.

5) Take the panel for the cabinet door and locate the center. Cut the panel across the center for two gates and attach the gates to the constructed frame with the help of hinges in order to complete it.Attach handles or doorknobs to the gates.

6) Lastly, spray a water repellent on the entire cabinet so that it can withstand charges of natural elements. Allow the cabinet to dry and finally mount it on the wall.

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