Bathroom spring cleaning tips

With the spring season knocking the door, it is the time to turn our thoughts towards the spring cleaning. What do seasonal patterns have to deal with our home cleaning is still a mystery, but it still remains an important factor.

Like the other parts of a home, bathroom also needs to be cleaned at the outset of the spring season. Spring cleaning the bathroom clears away all the dust, grime, clutter, freshens up the room, and simplifies the daily cleaning tasks.

Take a look at the bathroom sink and in the area below the sink to find a series of half used varied personal products. Many of these products would include winter lotions, creams, moisturizers, creamy soap bars, massage oils, etc that would no longer be required in the spring season. Check the expiry dates of these products. If they can be used for another year, store them elsewhere or else dispose them. The empty place can be replaced by sun tan lotions and cream.

Inspect the linens stored in the bathroom. Threadbare, torn and faded towels should be donated or simply thrown in the bin.
Dust down the wall, ceilings and corners of the bathroom. Spiders may have made their webs, drop outs of small insects may be lying and molds may have developed in certain areas. Dust and grime may have also collected on the ceiling fan or the exhaust fan.

Take down the shower curtain, wash and dry it before you put them back. If you wish you may buy fresh shower curtains with spring designs and themes as they are very light on the pocket.

If there is a closet to store clothes then empty the closet. Clean the closet. Remove all the things that are specifically to be used only in the winter season such as caps, socks, gloves, etc. if there are drawers in the closet, then it must be filled with miscellaneous hair pins, bands, decorations, etc. Donate or dispose all the accessories you have not used in the last one year so that you can space for new ones.

Lastly, work on the shower area and toilet. Employ a gentle soap and brush. Wash the walls and shower floor with soap and rinse it well water. Clean the exterior and the interior of a toilet to make it fresh.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on March 30th, 2011


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