Adding layers and texture to make a room inviting and comfortable

Our today topic is making a simple half cold or empty room inviting and comfortable. We all have such room and there is a little time since we decided that we’ll make the change but time and money don’t often synchronize. The tips I’m going to present you today are not that expensive and so the change can be made in just a few days.

Step 1. First we analyze our room real close: we must see the colors already used so that the improvements fit the description, we have to identify the places where we want to put the new items and last but not least which objects we don’t want to use anymore and which we want to keep.

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Step 2. Now we make the list of things involving layers and texture suitable to our room in order to pick up out of them later, depending of our budget. For the windows we can have new curtains or change the old ones with panels. For the bed we can go for a new blanket to cover it and a few pillows that match it, using a complementary color. Then we have the walls that can be decorated with new wallpaper or just a few sepia or colored photographs framed, clocks or paintings. For the floor we can get a carpet or if we already have one we can get a rug and place it on the existing carpet in the bed and bedside tables. The rug must also have matching but complementary color. For the furniture in the room we can get a contemporary lamp.

Step 3. We choose the items that we already have in other rooms or in the garage and bring them in. Then depending on the budget we go to the market and choose the now items with a very close concern of the color and material so they fit the big picture. Be sure not to fill out the room.

Step 4: Make the change. After that, if our room still looks empty we should consider adding a new chair or a reading table, maybe a plant or why not a electric fireplace. The change is in you!{pics from decorati}.