6 Pieces of Advice for Designing a Bathroom

When you first move into a house, you want to make the necessary arrangements so as to show your personality and taste in everything inside your house. So you start re-designing the house or at least some parts of it. And one of the first places that need to be changed is the bathroom. But even if you are re-designing it or making it more modern, you should consider a few things before and while doing this. Here are six pieces of advice with what to do when designing a bathroom.

1. First of all, before even starting thinking about the future color of the bathroom walls and the future design, you should make sure all the plumbing you have in the bathroom is totally functional and everything works perfectly fine, that there are no water leaks and the pipes are not rusted or a century old. There’s nothing more shameful than a modern looking bathroom with bad plumbing.

2. The second thing to consider is the bathroom tiling. Make sure you use the right kind of tiles for the bathroom and it would be better to use that modern non-slipping tiling that is available now in the stores. If you have small children you will certainly appreciate this piece of advice, as they will not slip on the bathroom floor, even if it gets a bit wet. You can also choose to have some under-tile heating and the kids will be able to wander around the house barefoot without any risk of getting a cold. Also choose the right model – if you are a single man just choose some dark colored tiles and if you are a merry person with a large family, pick a floral design.

3. Choose the right kind of sink for your bathroom. Sinks are very important, as they are the central piece of any bathroom. If you are a romantic person you can choose those rounded sinks with a support looking like a foot or you can choose a simple square sink colored in pale blue, depending on the kind of personality you have. Just make sure you like it and feel comfortable when using it. It is also a good idea to match it with the rest of the bathroom or else you will have a mess of a bathroom.

4. Step number 4 – choose the right bathtub. If you are a sports person and only have showers purchase a modern shower cabin instead of a bathtub . You can choose a combination of a shower cabin with a small bathtub or buy a huge romantic bathtub with legs – whatever makes you feel relaxed and fine. But make sure the size of the bathtub matches the size of your bathroom, as big bathtubs do not belong in small bathrooms.

5. Bathroom lighting is very important. From my experience you should have two kinds of lighting systems in the bathroom: one diffuse and romantic one that you can use when bathing, as you don’t need a lot of lights when you relax in a hot bath and one more powerful for the moments when you make up and your husband shaves. In both situations the result will be a mess if you do not have proper lighting. That is why my advice is to use some light bulbs that attach to the mirror, coming from above or from the side, and which can be turned on and off separately from the other lights.

6. And one last piece of advice: choose the other pieces of furniture in the bathroom wisely. Use them only if you need them. If you do not have enough space, just use the bathroom shelves instead. Combine all the things in the bathroom to match each other and to fit the general style of the bathroom design and you will have the perfect bathroom.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on February 6th, 2011


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