50 Attic bedroom design ideas

Whenever a family is growing the existing house becomes a little too small. It’s the case when a new baby comes along or when someone else from the family decided to join the group. It such situations people usually move out and choose a bigger house. But if you are emotionally attached to your existing home and are too keen to leave it with all the memories inside you could try to restructure the house and make some more room. Also, a very practical idea for houses that have attics would be to use that space to create a new bedroom.

Attics can be very cozy and even though they are sometimes perceived as creepy and cold, they would make a great bedroom. Here are some ideas of how you can transform an attic into a cozy and inviting extra bedroom. Take a look at the pictures and maybe they will inspire you to start your own project.

There’s really no reason why the attic should stay empty. If there’s not any special reason why you need that space for storage then there should be no reason why you couldn’t turn it into a lovely bedroom. There are some basic steps to follow in order to complete such a project. First you would have to remove anything you might have stored there. Then, when the space is empty, apply a new coat of paint on the walls. You should try to brighten up the place. Use colors such as yellow or green for a fresh look.

Next furnish the place. It might be difficult to get the furniture in there so make a plan first and make sure you know where each piece should stay because it’s going to be hard to change anything after that. You don’t need much, just a cozy bed and a nightstand, maybe a closet and a table as well.

Finally, add some decorations and you’re done. Since there are exposed beams on the ceiling you can use them to create a romantic project that you would be able to see every night before you go to bed. You can use these pictures as inspiration or come up with your own project.{pics from here}

Published by in Interiors, on November 9th, 2011


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