44 Flower Arrangements for Christmas

Flowers speak a lot through their hues, forms and fragrance. They mark the beginning of any season and they don’t leave any season go empty handed. Winter is no exception. Nature comes once more with a basket full of flowers, perhaps, to adorn Christmas days.

A single color is enough if you know how to use it

How to arrange the boon of winter flowers for Christmas day flower arrangement varies from person to person. Some prefer metallic container, while others go for ceramic or basket made with raffia. Again in the aspect of arrangements some prefer to put the bigger one on the top and descend down little by little with the tiny flowers. For others, the order could be reverse or mixed palate of all sizes.

Bring two seasons together with an eclectic centerpiece

Match your flower arrangements to the table décor

A pineapple would make a lovely vase, don’t you think?

The flowers can be a chic accessory for a minimalist centerpiece

The hues of the flowers can be arranged from cool to warm tones. Remember the warm colors like red, yellow etc will attract the maximum attention of the onlookers, but giving each one a chance to speak their voice, should be the order of flower arrangement for Christmas. Only thus you can do justice to all the flowers.

Play with scales and combine tiny flowers and huge pinecones

Perhaps you can steal a few branches from your Christmas tree

An organic approach will make your centerpieces look extra charming

Apart from fresh flowers, some prefer to go with the artificial ones. They have their own logic, which cannot be turned down. Here, the flowers displayed can see many Christmas without being faint.

Put small Christmas tree branches on the plates and they’ll serve as favors

Tie a Christmas ornament to the vase using decorative ribbon

Find the right glass containers and you can make something really elegant

Play with colors, shapes and textures and create an eclectic arrangement

Miniature Christmas trees are super cute and you can turn them into centerpieces

Use light, neutral colors to create a bohemian ambiance

Put a rose and a Christmas ornament on a small plate and cover everything with a glass bell

Decorate a large flower arrangement with ornaments

Use a mix of fruits and flowers/ plants to crete a fresh arrangement

Put tiny plants in small glasses, one for each guest

The ornaments look a bit like treats but don’t get fooled

To really make a statement, try an oversized flower arrangement

There’s something about this combo that feels very comforting

Layer the colors and ornaments for a more interesting effect

Combine something bright and something neutral

Red and green will always be reminiscent of Christmas

But there’s also another strategy: think white and silver

Christmas as a festival has the color horizon. You can put as many shades of red, white and green you can. Since crimson is the hottest one, the usage of it should be minimized; otherwise, your entire flower arrangement will speak only of one or two flowers.

An arrangement that almost looks like a sculpture

Keep the décor monochromatic, chic and subtle

Let yourself get inspired by the snowy trees outside your window

Or add cheer to the Christmas table with a bright color

There may not be a lot of greenery outside but indoors that’s a whole other thing

This design gives a whole new meaning to the Christmas tree

Light up some candles for a homey, cozy mood

A traditional setting asks for a traditional centerpiece

Serving red wine? Then red flowers would look just right

Sometimes color only complicates things

These fluffy buds are so cute you can’t resist them

A few well-picked decorations should do the job

Decorate a tiny “tree” with tiny ornaments

It’s the best of both world when flowers and fruits are combined

Match the centerpiece to your tableware

Add an element of surprise with a quirky decoration

Get crafty with a bit of spray paint to personalize the décor

Instead of fresh flowers, try a sculptural tree branch

The most looked for flowers of this season are Poinsettia, dark red roses, white tulip etc. To make an arrangement at home, take a basket, carpet the basket floor tightly with Styrofoam. Put the flowers on it in your calculated way and let your eyes drink the mirth to the brim.

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