40 Teenage Boys Room Designs We Love

For a teenage boy, his bedroom is like a refuge, a private space where he can go whenever he wants to be alone, where he can pretty much anything he wants and where he can feel free to add his own touch to the interior décor. Since this space will serve as his bedroom, his office and as a social area where he’ll receive his friends and spend time with them, the décor needs to be flexible and multifunctional.

A shared teenage boys’ bedroom with bunk beds and colorful carpet

There are no rules when it comes to decorating a teenage boy’s bedroom. But there are a few things that should be taken into consideration. For example, the design and décor should focus on functionality. This means that you should try to find or come up with clever and space-saving storage solutions, that you should try to fins multifunctional pieces of furniture, that you should carefully select the colors for the décor and that you also take into consideration any personal preferences such as hobbies or favorite elements.

Traditional bedroom retreat with red and blue accents and plenty of storage

Bright, contemporary bedroom with pale green walls and suspended shelf storage

Contemporary teenage boy’s bedroom featuring a bright color palette and minimalist furniture

Sleek black and white bedroom with a mobile bed and an overall contemporary décor

Intimate teenage boy’s bedroom with a dark color palette and contrasting textures

Eclectic bedroom interior with bunk beds, contemporary furniture and blue accents throughout

Spacious black and white teenager’s bedroom featuring clever wall storage systems

A teenager’s attic bedroom featuring grey and beige accents

Small but cheerful teenage boy’s bedroom with bright orange accent details

Shared attic bedroom with an overall simple, bright and modern interior décor

A traditional boy’s bedroom with contrasting black and yellow décor details

Minimalist bedroom with a black and grey décor and a space-saving pull-out bed

Contemporary teenage boy’s bedroom featuring a climbing wall and sports theme décor

Very simple and tranquil bedroom interior with functional wall storage system

Colorful boy’s bedroom with white, orange and blue accents

Functional and inviting bedroom with a clever space-saving interior design

Very airy boy’s bedroom with lots of open shelves on all the walls

Small boy’s bedroom with a contemporary design and built-in storage

Space-efficient boy’s bedroom with sleeping nook and under-bed storage

Chic boy’s bedroom with bunk bed and built-in desk and reading nook

Football-inspired teenage boy’s room with a combo of vintage and modern details

Spacious open bedroom with wall storage and a minimalist décor

A music-inspired boy’s bedroom featuring rustic and vintage décor details

Nautical-inspired boy’s bedroom with red and blue accents and striped wallpaper

A shared boys’ bedroom with a traditional interior design and a blue chromatic palette

Very simple and airy boy’s bedroom with minimalist furniture and fun decorations

A modern and spacious teenager’s bedroom with minimalist décor details and a simple color palette

A vintage boy’s bedroom with chic decorations and an overall cozy and inviting décor

Contemporary bedroom featuring oversized artwork and subtle accent colors

A small and simple boy’s bedroom featuring functional storage spaces and small bursts of color

A fun tree house-inspired boy’s bedroom with painted walls and wooden furniture

A colorful and dynamic teenage boy’s bedroom with lots of storage spaces and eye-catching patterns

A simple and modern boy’s bedroom with colorful wallpaper and a striped rug

A traditional boy’s bedroom with cozy interior and sports-related decorations

Green teenage room with a lot of space

Media system for a teenage room

Shared teenage boys room with a green theme

The future boys room you should take in consideration

Kids room with airplane wallpaper

It could be useful to select a theme for the décor. It could be something related to movies or music or it can simply be a combination of all the favorite elements your teenage boy wants to incorporate in the décor. As for the chromatic palette, there are lots and lots of options. Most often, blue is a color that’s always present. The same goes for black or green accents but this is a detail that has to do with the personal preferences. If you want some suggestions, maybe it would help to take a look at these examples.

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Published by in Best Of, on December 17th, 2012


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