35 Colorful Playroom Design Ideas

Whether or not you decide to include a playroom into your home’s design is something that depends on several aspects. But if you have the space then it’s a wonderful idea. Kids need to have a space where they know they can play and do whatever they want. But designing and decorating the playroom is something that the parents have to take care of. So here are some ideas that might inspire you.

You can design the playroom just like any other room of the house: with one accent walls, functional furniture and lots of storage. Just keep in mind that kids love bright and vibrant colors and they love to have lots of space at their disposal.{picture by Pat Sudmeier}.

The playroom doesn’t necessarily have to be very large. It can just be a space where kids can play by themselves and where they can store their toys and other stuff. All you need are some hooks for the walls, some shelves and a cheerful rug.{found on simplygrove}.

This playroom has lots of great features. But the most interesting one I’ve noticed is that small table. it has a chalkboard top and it’s wonderful for kids because they get to draw and write using chalk and then they just wipe everything off.{found on davidblog}.

Even though you should use bright and bold colors in the playroom, you don’t have to use them in excess. Here, for example, the room is all white but the furniture and that slide all feature vibrant colors and they cheer up the décor and the atmosphere.

It’s important to have lots of storage space in the playroom. Kids need to be able to organize their toys after they’re finished playing with them. Also, try to save as much space as possible. For example, notice here that the stools are hidden under the table and they free up floor space when not used.{found on iheartorganizing}.

Even though the playroom is for the kids to enjoy, you can still make it looks chic and stylish. You could put up some lovely curtains and you can include chic lighting fixtures in the room. Also, you can find furniture that’s both child-friendly and good-looking.

You don’t necessarily have to use lots of colors in order to make this room looks cheerful. You can use two colors in different shades and you can include them in the décor in various ways. For example, here the rug matches the walls, the furniture, the light fixture and even the accent pillows.{found on thehillhangout}.

Wall decals are wonderful for the playroom. You can easily create a themed décor in this room. Here, for example, we have that beautiful tree on the walls and the storage unit that also resembles a tree. The ladybug stool and the mushroom are also very lovely.

This playroom is great for several reasons. First of all, it’s very spacious. Also, it has that chalkboard all that kids just love. Then it also has a very chic and modern décor with a simple color palette and with beautifully balanced elements.{found on abbey}.

The colors in this playroom are not particularly bright or bold. In fact, they’re soft and they’re also complementary. Still, the playroom has a very cheerful and inviting décor. All the flowers from the walls and floor are a nice touch and so are those pendant lights.

The idea here was to create a fairy tale space. The walls are painted with scenes from tales, there clouds on the ceiling and a nice pattern in the rest of the room. However, there’s not much furniture in the room. It’s probably a way of letting the kids use their imagination more and having more space to play.{found on schrader}.

This playroom is not exactly bold and bright either. But it’s a cozy and inviting room, with a personalized décor and a friendly look. Notice that the furniture is small, just the right size for the children.

This might seem like a work space but it’s not. It’s actually a traditional playroom. What’s special about it is the fact that it lacks any kind of color. The décor is all white with pale shades of blue and with black accents. It’s not exactly a cheerful décor but some kids might prefer something simple.{found on aledo}.

The focal point in this playroom is, of course, that suspended chair. It looks very cozy but it also looks very fun. It’s like having a swing inside the house. Still, it looks pretty close to the glass wall so it might be a nice idea if your kid decided to get crazy.

This playroom looks just like a miniature house. In fact, it looks like the exterior space of a house. You can actually see the house in the background and a tree painted on a wall with that small fence around it. It must be fun for the kids to play here.{picture by Kaity}.

Kids love crazy and bold but parents want safe and elegant. Well, you could meet in the middle and choose a décor something like this for the playroom. It’s cheerful and colorful but it also has that elegant touch that creates cohesion with the rest of the house.{found on charm}.

Even though it’s a playroom where kids should have fun and play, you can also include a work station here. The kids can use it for all sorts of fun projects but they can also take care of their homework here.

The greatest attraction in this playroom is definitely the chalkboard walls. There are actually two chalkboard walls that meet in the corner. It’s a wonderful feature that all kids love and this way you can be sure they won’t be drawing on your furniture.{found on huff}.

This playroom also has a chalkboard wall. It’s the wall that also includes the window. It’s great that the window is in the center because this way it basically splits the wall into two, perfect if you have two kids that need to share it.{found on windandwillowhome}.

This modern playroom has a very interesting décor. As you can see, the main piece here is this large table. it’s a wonderful addition because kids can use for their projects and they all sit there and share the table. the chairs are red and partially match the rug.{image by d2}.

This playroom might be small but it has a very nicely balanced décor. It has a chalkboard wall, lots of storage, a table for all sorts of fun projects and a comfy sofa where kids can relax or sit and chat.

Pastel colors could also be used in the playroom. They won’t make it seem boring but rather like a wonderland. You can also draw on the walls to make it more cheerful and inviting and you can choose a rug that brings the décor together.{found on dennis}.

Painting the walls, drawing on them and using wall decals can be fun but if you really want to impress you can try something like this. You can make a tree and you can hang a hook from the ceiling to make it seem like the swing is attached from a branch.{found on site}.

This playroom looks more like an arts and crafts studio. If your kid loves to draw or to craft things, make sure you let them have fun with that. Use this idea as inspiration when you design and decorate the playroom.

Bean bag chairs are wonderful for playrooms and for the kids’ bedrooms. They are soft and very comfy and they great because they don’t have any rough edges or angles. Also, they are fun to sit on and kids love them.[image by rwan}.

You can design the playroom like a playground. You can have a slide and you could make a sort of cabin on a higher level. You can make a climbing wall and you can paint the walls to make it seem like you’re outside.{image by Gabriel}.

The playroom doesn’t necessarily have to be large or filled with all sorts of toys and items. It can just include what your kids love the most. For example, a small table with two chairs, a tiny storage cabinet and some items your kids enjoy to use.

This is also a simple playroom. It has a big chalkboard wall which is the main attraction in the room and two of the walls are sued for storage. The table is great for arts and crafts projects.{found on site}.

Kids love to play outdoor games inside. So why not let them if you think it’s safe? For example, let them have a picnic bench in the playroom, let them have a tent and let them hopscotch inside.{found on symhome}.

A playroom also needs to be comfortable and cozy. So don’t forget about the seating. You can have bean bag chairs, stools, armchairs, sofas and large pillows to use on the floor.{image by lizzet}.

This playroom is nicely organized although the colors are not exactly what children prefer. But it has storage on the walls, comfy ottomans, a table for projects and plenty of free floor space.{image by flo}.

A cheerful playroom is not necessarily one that’s very colorful. This one, for example, has a simple color palette but a very friendly décor. The pendant lights are very nice and so are all the open shelves where toys are displayed. The poufs and the bench are very nice as well.

If you don’t want to spend too much time decorating the playroom, then you can just make sure it has plenty of storage and you can leave the rest of the room as such. Just put a rug or carpet on the floor and let your kid have fun with all the toys.{found on terra}.

This playroom looks like a living room for kids. It has a sofa, a coffee table, a storage unit and an area rug. Of course, the chalkboard wall and that giant teddy bear are the best features in the room and they give this space character.{found on jsinteriordes}.

Another thing you have to keep in mind when decorating the playroom is to choose child-friendly furniture. This modular sofa is perfect. It can be split into pieces and it has no rough corners or edges. Also, the color is bold and beautiful and goes well with the rug.{image by kuda}.

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