22 Unique Wedding Bar Design Ideas

At a wedding, the guests want to have a good time. For that, you’ll need a bar full of great flavors but that also looks good. The key to making sure everything is easily accessible but also good-looking is to pay attention to details but to remember not to overcomplicate things. Here are a few design ideas for your wedding bar.

To make the bar look more appealing and delicious, the guests should also be able to see how their drinks are being prepared. For example, if you’re planning on serving lemonade or vodka lemonade, display the limes and lemons on the table or in simple boxes.

Men and women have different tastes when it comes to choosing a drink. So it could be a good idea to already divide everything into two categories. A simple display on a chalkboard with his and hers drinks would be both easy to make and practical.

If you’re planning a more casual wedding outdoors, then you could make a lovely vintage-inspired bar. Use wood and light fabric to make it look charming but also chic and stylish and put up a simple display. It will look wonderful outdoors.{found on site}.

You’ll most likely want the drinks to stay cold and it can be problem if you’re planning an outdoor wedding. If you don’t want the décor to be pretentious, then you could have a small tub filled with ice in which you can put the champagne bottles.

Not all the bottles have to be displayed on the table. You can leave them in their boxes. This way they’ll sit safe and nicely organized and they’re also easier to move from one place to another. The wooden boxes also have a charming look.{image by Lauren Brooks}.

If you want, you can lay out everything on the table. just make sure you organize everything nicely. It should not be a table full of everything where you don’t know where to find what you need. Also, you can put up tiny cups and display them on the table as well.{found on site}.

It could also be a nice idea to make tiny arrangements for everyone. You can use fresh limes or lemons and top them with a tiny snack for extra kick. It will be good-looking and thoughtful of you. It’s a great idea to have mini tacos on a tequila bar.

If you want something more classic and elegant, you don’t necessarily have to turn your wedding into a sophisticated event. You can maintain the elegance while using simple ornaments such s flowers and a framed chalkboard for the bar.{found on greylikesweddings}.

Another interesting idea would be to put up menus on each table. Here, for example, we have an espresso menu where all the choices available and elegantly listed for the guests. It’s simple but it’s also elegant and chic.

If you’re the type that likes being ingenious then you’ll probably like this idea. This is a whiskey bar. It’s actually just a simple table where the whiskey bottles are displayed. But what’s interesting is the golden display made of ribbon and that’s hanging from the table.

Here’s another nice idea for a modern wedding. You can use burlap for the table or bar and you can have metal containers in which the drinks will remain cold. It has an industrial and very casual look so it’s not something everyone would agree with.

Here’s a very ingenious and great idea for a mojito bar. You can use fresh mint to make unique ice cubes. Take a little mint, put it in each of the ice tray spaces and then fill it with water. Let the water turn into ice and there you have it. It’s a great idea for a summer wedding.{found on 17apart}.

This is rather unconventional but it can also be a nice idea for a summer wedding. You could have a lemonade stand. Don’t try to make it look fancier than it should. Allow it to maintain its charm and character.

If you want you could also play with the colors. Arrange the bottles in rows and allow them to display their colors. It’s a nice idea for a casual wedding. The guests will be able to take a look at everything before choosing their drink and the arrangement is both simple and eye-catching.{found on weddingchicks}.

Well, people usually want their wedding to be fancy and sophisticated but it’s not the case for everyone. If you’re the type that likes to impress with your unconventional choices and contrasts, then maybe you’ll like this idea for a wedding bar. Keep your champagne bottles in a rusty cart filled with ice.

This is a very similar idea. It’s an interesting way of creating a focal point for the wedding. It’s definitely not what some of your guests will be expecting but, if it reflects your character, it could be just the thing your wedding needs to be unforgettable.

You don’t necessarily need fancy arrangements to make your guests feel good. It would be enough to have a simple ice container for the drinks and a sticker that says “Have a Coke and a smile” and it will put a smile on your guests face without much effort.

If you’re serving cocktails or certain drinks that require an extra kick, then it would be a nice idea to put up fresh mint and basil along with everything else you might need. This way every guest will be able to make their own drink and they can be sure everything is fresh.{found on snippetandink}.

Another interesting idea is to use old barrels in the wedding. They have that charm that can’t be compared with anything else. You can use wooden barrels to put up a table and they can be the base or you can cut one in half and turn it into an ice container.{found on site}.

A vintage barrel can also be a great side table. Put it next to the bar and decorate it with floral arrangements. It’s simple and it has a very nice and charming look. It works both indoor and outdoor.{found on elizabethannedesigns}.

A great idea for a Martini bar would be to have a buffet and to invite the guests to create their own drink. They’ll be able to mix the ingredients and to make their drink exactly how they like it. You can have olives, cucumber and lemons as well as vodka, vermouth, soda water and everything else you want.{found on site}.

If you want your wedding to be very casual then you can think practically and you can pot all the bottles in ice in large containers. Place them on the ground or on a table and everyone will be able to take a bottle and enjoy a fresh drink.

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