15 Best and Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas

A DIY wall art project can only mean relaxation and fun. Wall art projects are not very difficult to build and not to mention that changes the face of any room in just a few minutes. Walls are a very common place to hang art work, because as a structural material first of all is indispensable and second they feature a quite large area where you can display various items. Wall art can mean actually a lot of things, ranging from paintings, drawings, to ceramics, textiles or combinations of all sorts of different materials. Because changing our entire interior is not such an easy task and let’s face it can be quite expensive, certain elements from our décor being already a focal point can be changed, and along with them the entire room can get a new look. If don’t know how to do it or you need some inspirational material, let’s take a look at some of the greatest DIY wall art projects.

Glazed Wall Art.

These shiny pieces of incredible wall art were born from the desire of having something fun for the walls with a little color to animate the room a little bit. For this wall art project we need some basic tools, along with some glue and a “pour-on” glaze for that wonderful shiny effect. The actual building process consists of measuring, cutting and letting it to dry for a day or two.  The four elements created have a floral motif with a simple a splash of warm colors. There is a difference between them in pattern but in the same time they look complementary like multiple pieces from the same collection.{found on everycreativeendeavor}.

Diy silverware silhouettes.

Another great idea for a DIY wall art project is to craft metal silverware silhouettes like these one presented here. If you’re into the kitchen related art this combination can be the winning one for your interior, especially if it turns out like that. To build this you need some wood pieces, trimmed to your desired dimensions, the silverware sketches  and some tools to cut through the material, something like a jigsaw. After you complete the cutting and sanding you can chose for a paint cover. These ones were covered in a matte finish with some leftover chalkboard paint. I love the metallic look and fits very well with the wall’s color, highlighting the actual silverware shaped.{found on californiacallahans}.

Framed wallapper.

As I have mentioned earlier wall art can be almost everything. This wonderful DIY wall art project was crafter from the simplest materials you could find around the house. Arranging wallpaper like art will achieve a chic look in your designated room almost for free. By simply using  wallpaper remnants on a fiberboard frame can really be a fun DIY project with a radical effect over your room. Use wallpaper that has an intriguing pattern for a piece that will definitely pop up. Using different types of wallpaper put together will achieve a high-price look and most of all what a great statement they make !{found on allyou}.

Messages and song lyrics diy project.

A rather unusual DIY wall art project is this one. Messages and song lyrics are not a new thing in terms of DIY but the way this particularly one is done is quite original. IF you wonder how was this possible you should know that only looks complicated. In fact this consists of finding a painting, it is recommended to use one bought from a flea market or simply one you don’t need anymore, because the next steps will ruin most of it. After that find some  letters, depending on what your message will be you might need a few, so cut them out from paper and glue them the actual face of the painting composing your favorite combination of words. The next step consists of covering the whole piece in paint. Let it dry and then peel the letters off. I bet any of you has already pictured their message. Give it a try!{found on abeautifulmess}.

Make your own dily wall art.

Another cool idea for a DIY project with a minimum of effort and money is to create  doily wall art. We don’t use anymore doilies as our grandmother would, mostly because the new modern trend of furniture and appliances doesn’t  match  their style, this doesn’t mean that they are not still pretty and good looking. Taking these wonderful elements and introducing them our modern home will take some preparation. You’ll need some canvas, paint, scrapbook paper and simple tools. The result is amazing and will create a  nice focal point in your room. What a great overall décor, isn’t it?{found on mod}.

Abstract wall painting.

We’ve seen bold projects so far, but this one raises the standards in wall art projects, not only by scale but also through the color palette. A splash of color at that scale needs a lot of courage, imagination and of course a bit of  artistic sense, because you can ruin so easy not only a piece of canvas, but the entire project, therefore the room’s ambiance as well.   I wouldn’t recommend this in a tight space, because it emanates so much energy that needs to be spread. A large dining area like this one would be perfect, because the environment becomes pretty animated when people gather around, and those two different planes converge: the human component and the décor.{found on thenewdomestic}.

Canvas map wall decor.

This DIY wall art project was designed by somebody who absolutely love home design and it is, by degree a interior designer. We all love to turn junk into wonderful things and maybe some of us at some point wondered if this is really a good idea. Let me be honest with you, it really is and I’m not the only one saying this. If a professional interior designer can turn a $ 2.00 map into a large piece of art, you can do it too with absolutely no fear of screwing things up.  The result is amazing and if you have kids it will be indeed very   appreciated.  Just let the artistic part inside you take control.{found on littlebirdiesecrets}.

Zig Zag fold chevron paintings.

Who knew that gold chevron paintings would make such a good wall art project?  Three large pieces arranged one by one in a row transform the room into a warm place with a sophisticated feel. The building process is not complicated at all and you only need basic tools and materials. If you decide to go with the same three pieces you  will need some stretched canvases, some acrylic paint, if you want to achieve a metallic look you can opt for bronze gold, some painters tape and of course chevron pattern stencil. Transfer the zigzag   pattern on your canvas, covert it with tape and start painting. After that, let it dry  for a few minutes and peel back the tape. The result it can be seen at its maximum potential on a large clean wall.{found on makeundermylife}.

DIY Wall Art From Toilet Paper.

I was literally shocked when I saw the finished product on this DIY wall art project. Despite its simplicity this project costs almost nothing, especially if you had just finished a few rolls of toilet paper of paper towel. I admit that, I have never  thought that this could even be possible. What this woman did here is truly amazing. Just cutting the paper rolls, glued them to look like a flower and then  arranging those multiple cardboard flowers on a canvas. A few layers of paint and the marvelous object revealed itself. It is wonderfully placed into the décor and it stands up really nice.{found on justagirlblog}.

Slatteed wood map art.

Maps can be both fun and difficult as a DIY project. In this project, Canada’s map was attempted to be transposed on a difficult  wooden stand. It came out really good eventually but I guess it took a little work to complete. Constructing the  slatted wood is relatively simple the further processing needed a little more attention and some skills. In addition to the wooden stand  you will also need some paintbrushes , sandpaper, a hammer and some nails. A very important thing is to transpose your drawing to scale from the small paper sketch to the relatively large wooden grid, if you want your finished product to look good and accurate.{found on designsponge}.

My best friend wall art.

Another great idea for a weekend DIY project involves having a really good friend who deserves a special place on your wall. Youngsters these days forget about the real important things in life and focus on the material world.  This example over here stands for those who appreciate a good friend over money. As we climb the social ladder more and more forget about where we used to be and never look back. Cheap is not worthless, by the contrary it means simplicity and just very few things that can differentiate one from another. For those who don’t forget to say “I love you” and haven’t forgot the meaning of a “best friend”, this item over here can mean the world for them.{found on mybeautifulmess}.

No paint artwork.

Simplicity is a salvaged feature and currently used in modern interiors to highlight a clean plain look. This projects appeared accidentally from an unsuccessful attempt to make a jewelry display. Now it became an inexpensive wall art piece.  Placed above the bed these two big white panels have an interesting detail consisting in leaves secured by some random wires. This DIY project stands now  for a environmentally friendly method of decoration. The “no paint” signature has made this item a popular thing among s lot of people with commune interests in nature. It is a challenge for everyone to achieve such a great look with almost inexistent materials.{found on makeundermylife}.

Meg Wall Art.

Talking about simplicity, this wall art project  redefines the whole concept. Surprisingly it looks great in this warm , cozy environment. Bedrooms are in general intimate places, close to our heats and body. By introducing in the setting hard, solid objects will definitely ruin the entire concept of well-being. The space on the wall above the bed has been embellished with branches held in place by special clamps that go through the wall. This is more of a statement that it is a decorative element. It symbolizes harmony and transforms the place with  a non invasive feeling .{found on apartmenttherapy}.

Cd case diy wall art.

This wonderful wall art projects is really unique and exciting to make. Before you should take into consideration building something similar, you’ll need to know that is made from CD cases, 20 CD cases to be more specific. The original item  needs a computer, Velcro tape and one of your favorite photos. In 5 steps you should be able to complete the project. First of all open a high-resolution photo on your computer and divide the image, so the individual squares match the CD case dimensions. Then print each document onto photo paper and trim off the black space. Use double-sided tape to attach the photos on its own segment and then fix the cases on the wall. Be careful, you want the finished piece to be a photo, not a puzzle.{found on countryl}.

Paper silhouette art.

This wall art will definitely make the difference in any living room. The idea is to take photos of your friends or family to animate a wall, therefore the entire room. It is recommended to catch them in an active pose, and if you don’t have such a material, gather your friends and organize a photo session especially for this project. If you have the right shoots, then arrange the silhouettes  in a manner that would seem that they to interact  one with another. The opportunities are countless and you can tell any story you like as long as the characters are shaded.{found on timeout}.

That’s about it, I hope you enjoyed and appreciated every project  and most of all I hope that these ideas will be put into practice by you, adding your personal touches and make from scrap materials  beautiful things close to your heart.

P.s 17 more diy wall art ideas for you!

Published by in DIY, on February 23rd, 2012


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