Which is the perfect rug for you?

Carpets are a delight for our feet. When you come home tired from spending all day on high heels, touching the fluffy carpet in your living room is the most awesome feeling ever. For me it works, I start feeling less tired when my feet feel good. That`s why, choosing your perfect rug is a hard thing to do. You have to think about the opinions of all the members of your family, but usually, the women are those who say the last word. That`s why carpets are always the last ones bought. Because they have to match with the furniture and they have to remain like the day you brought them home.

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But, if you are opened to new ideas, you should try the new models of rugs that appeared on the market.They are innovative, funny and a delight to your feet. Just like a carpet should be. We will show you some models. For example, these 100 pieces of nice hand-tufted wood rugs by Gan Rugs, put together make an amazing way to hide the stains on your first carpet. And you will also give your home a nice look. It`s called the Championes rug and can also chose the rectangular or perfect round pieces.

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But, this is not the only model. Like you can see in the pictures, there is also the Codigo rug that is in fact the opposite of Championes one. It`s like the leftover of the carpet from where you cut the pieces for Championes rug. Another carpet looks like the Codigo one, but has perfect round parts cut and they are filled in with colored material. This rug, named the Mota 2 gives your room a lot of happiness.

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Last but not least, there is also the Trokk rug model. This one is more discreet and is designed by Francesc Rife. The brown rug is dotted with moss-colored spots. A carpet knows how to “dress up” your home. And a house with nice carpets looks more cozy and yet stylish.{found on site}.