Where to place the Christmas tree at home?

When you buy a Christmas tree all you can think of is how to decorate it in order to be really beautiful. But once you place it on the support you start hunting for the best place for displaying it in your home? Should you put it near the window to show the beautiful lights all night long or should you place it in the middle of the hallway so that all your guests can admire it? Well, it depends. Here are a few tips that you can use when trying to find the best place for it in your home.

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First of all if you have children try to avoid open spaces where they can drag the tree and demolish it. If you don’t just choose one of the other places in your home, considering the rest of the tips, too. For example it’s a good idea to choose the corner of a room if you buy a big heavy tree in order to minimize the damages and avoid accidents like falling.

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Try to find a place that is close enough to a power outlet because you do not want to have the whole house full of extension cords that you need for the lights. Then it would also been a good idea not to place it under a ventilation grid, especially if the tree is natural, because this will cause it to dry immediately and it will make your house full of little dried needles.

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If you have an open and functional fireplace you might choose to leave it unlit for the holidays or place the tree some place else. If you want to have a small artificial tree, you might place it on a small coffee table in a place at your choice. Just avoid the places where it could be run over like behind a door or near a window or something similar. These being said : Merry Christmas!