What color should I paint my kitchen

When redecorating a room,regardless of its function, the first thing a person usually does is choose a color. The color is very important. It basically dictates the whole strategy for the redecoration process. Let’s see which colors are suitable for the kitchen. We also have a similar article that can help you choose the right color for your living room.

Black kitchenView in gallery

Since the kitchen is a social area, the color you choose for the walls can be any one from white to orange or even black. Let’s start with the least likely color for this room. That would be black. It’s a neutral color usually associated with morbid ideas. It’s also an elegant color when it comes to furniture and accessories but not for the walls.{picture source}.

White kitchenView in gallery

The other neutral color is white. It’s the opposite of black. It creates an airy and bright decor and it’s like a blank canvas waiting to be filled with colors and decorations. Even though it’s a very versatile color, white is not the best choice in this case either. It’s not very practical, considering that the kitchen can get quite messy sometimes.{picture source}.

Red kitchenView in gallery

Now let’s go on to some more cheerful colors. Let’s start with red. It’s the color of passion and a very strong tone. It’s also a warm color and this make it suitable for the kitchen. However, it should be used with ponderation. For example, you could combine it with neutral tones or you can only use it as an accent color.{picture source}.

Orange kitchenView in gallery

Another warm and vibrant color is orange. It’s also a delicious color, quite suitable for the kitchen. It’s cheerful and bright and it’s also easy to combine with other colors so you shouldn’t have any trouble in that department. For a more subtle outcome you can use a pastel tone or maybe a softer shade such a peach.{picture source}.

Yellow kitchenView in gallery

We go on to yellow. It’s a very friendly color reminiscent of the sun. It’s quite suitable for the kitchen. It’s visually stimulating and it also helps create the impression of a larger space. However, an all-yellow kitchen can be overwhelming so this color is best used in combination with other tones.{picture source}.

Blue kitchenView in gallery

A very common color for the kitchen is blue. Actually, it’s not only the kitchen that often features this color, but all the other rooms as well. It’s a beautiful color but, given the fact that it;s so extensively used, you might want to pass on this one for now.

Green kitchenView in gallery

And we saved my personal favorite for last: green. It’s a very refreshing color and it can be very vibrant if used in a darker shade. Green can also be successfully used in combination with yellow and orange.{picture source}.