Weaving Loom – Basic Yarn DIY Wall Hanging

This simple weaving loom wall hanging is perfect to add a fun flare to your gallery wall or as a statement piece to hang in your home. You can easily customize the weaving by picking colors of yarn that suit your home.

What we need

– Yarn in various colors – Cardboard rectangle  – Wooden dowel – Ruler or measuring tape – Scissors – Optional: needle

Let's make Weaving Loom


Start by making your loom by cutting out a sturdy piece of cardboard to the size you want your loom to be.

Next make ¼ inch tick marks on the top and bottom of your loom. You want to make sure there is an even number of tick marks and that the tick marks roughly line up s at the top or bottom of your cardboard loom.


Once you have your tick marks in place, gently make a straight and small cut into each of them, again making sure you have an even number of cuts.


After you have cut into each of the tick marks, you can thread your loom with yarn. Take the end of some white or plain colored yarn and start by inserting it into the first tick mark slit on one end at the top of the loom.


Next take the string and wrap it over the loom and into the slit parallel at the bottom the loom, so you have a vertical line of yarn.


Finally, take the dangling tail of yarn on the back of your loom and tie this to the last string that you inserted to create a diagonal line on the back. This will keep all your strings tight and in place.


Now that you have your loom ready, it is time for the fun part: weaving! Cut off a generous amount of the first color of yarn you want to use. If you have a needle,you can thread the yarn into a needle to make the weaving process a little easier.


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