How To Cut A Mirror And Turn It Into A Gem Statement

This gorgeous DIY mirror is a fairly straightforward project that you can do with any simple mirror, some glass cutting tools, and an afternoon. 

Materials You’ll Need to Build the Gem Mirror: – 24” x 36” flat (non-beveled edges) mirror  – Glass cutting tool – Metal ruler – Fine-tip permanent marker – Razor blade – Clear contact paper – Metallic spray paint – Fine grit sandpaper – Gloves  – Clear-coat spray paint 

How to Cut and Build a Statement Mirror Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Squaring the Mirror

Begin by squaring off your mirror. Mark 24” on both long edges of your mirror, then draw a straight line across.

Place the scoring wheel of your glass cutter on your line, then align the edge of your ruler with the outer edge of your cutter tip.

Step 2: Scoring the Mirror

Now that your mirror is square, it’s time to turn it into an octagon. For a 24” square, each side of the octagon will be just slightly less than 10” – so slightly, in fact, that I simply measured 10” sections in the exact middle of each side of the mirror by centering my 24” metal ruler and marking at the 7” and 17” positions.

Step 3: Shaping the Mirror

Use glass cleaner to wash your mirror. Let it dry thoroughly. This will help make the next steps go more smoothly.

Step 4: Clean the Mirror

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