Fast and Fun: DIY Bookends to Make You Smile

If your household has a book lover or three, you might be interested in this fast, fun, and easy DIY project: DIY bookends.

What we need

– Metal bookends, in the size of your choice – Toy dinosaur & toy soldiers – Super glue & hot glue – Spray paint – Box cutter/razor blade – Permanent marker

Let's make DIY Bookends


Planning for DIY Bookends Determine which direction you want your cool bookend “story” to go. Then hold the dinosaur up to one of your bookends, and draw a straight line where you want to cut it.

Gluing Your Kid’s Bookends Determine where you want the back/footed piece to go. Try and line them up so when in place they tell the story.


Securing the Object While holding the dinosaur in place, run a bead of hot glue around all the points of contact.


Repeating for the Other Book End: Place the second bookend next to the first one, and position the head of the dinosaur carefully to align horizontally.


Adding Accessories to Book Ends: When the head is in place, it’s time to position the toy soldiers. Super glue then hot glue these in place as well.


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