Transform Old Wood Cutting Board Into A Picture Frame

If you’d like to try something a bit old-school and perhaps also make something pretty to offer as a gift to someone, try this lovely cutting board picture frame technique.

What we need

– Cutting board – green and creme acrylic paint – paint brush – wood glue – hot glue – scissors – paint brush – clip – lace paper doily – lace ribbon – hemp twine – wood heart decor – bead

Let's Transform Old Wood Cutting Board Into A Picture Frame


Paint the cutting board: Before anything else, go ahead and paint the little cutting board. Use the light green acrylic paint for this and apply it to the front and along the edges so all the surfaces you’re going to see are covered, including the little hole at the top.

Use the doily as a stencil to add decorations: You’ll need it to apply the cute lace patterns in the bottom right corner and the top left using creme-colored acrylic paint. In fact, you’re going to need two of them.


Add the little heart decoration: Now that the cutting is all painted you can start adding the little decorations and accessories. The first one is the little wooden heart ornament which you’ll first need to paint so it matches the doily patterns you’ve added earlier.


Add the metal clip: This clip is what will later allow you to actually use this as a picture frame. Position it somewhere around the top of the cutting board and center it, making sure the picture will be framed nicely once it’s added.


Make a twine loop so you can hang the frame: At this point your new cutting board picture frame is basically done. All that’s left to do is cut a piece of twine and run it through the little hole at the top, make a loop and tie it into a knot.


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