Simple Beaded Wall Hanging Decoration In A Triangle Shape

There’s a lot of room for creativity and originality when it comes to wooden bead decor pieces. We’re going to explore such a project right now so check out this beaded wall hanging tutorial.

What we need

– wooden beads in different sizes – 3 shades of green acrylic paints – paint brush – wooden rod – yarn – scissors – wooden sticks/ skewers

Let's make Simple Beaded Wall Hanging Decoration


Select a few beads in different sizes and push the skewer through them: If you look at our final design, you’ll see the central strand of beads is quite unique. It uses beads in four different sizes and it has a differ color than the rest.

Paint the beads light blue: We wanted these beads to have a light blue color so we went ahead and painted them all while they were spaced out on the skewer.


Make two more strands of small beads and paint them turquoise: Using the same technique push your wooden skewer through some small wooden beads and paint them turquoise.


Make four more stands and paint them dark green We had a third paint color that we wanted to use for this design, a nice dark shade of green with just a hint of blue in it.


Measure and cut your yarn strands: While you’re waiting for the paint to dry you can go ahead and prepare all the yarn strands that you’re going to need later on for this project.


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