By vera dordick / October 6, 2021

A High-End Tiny House on Wheels Can be Stylish and Sustainable Too

The Häuslein Little Sojourner tiny house is 8 meters long, accommodates a queen-size bed, and has one bathroom

This particular model includes a wooden ladder to reach the sleeping area, which saves floor space on the main level.

You can see the view into the kitchen, which included a drawer dishwasher, sink, refrigerator and cooktop. 

Upstairs, the loft comfortably accommodates a queen-sized bed for two.

The space has windows on both sides of the bed for plenty of natural light as well as a built-in light fixture above the bed for reading.

Downstairs off the kitchen is the combination of laundry and bathroom.

At the other end is a regular size toilet and a small angular shower.

This model is the smallest tiny house on wheels for sale at 25 square meters of floor space and a starting price of AU$79,000.