A-Frame House Interior Design Ideas

By Katie Barton, May 10, 2023

Don’t let small A-frame powder rooms prevent you from packing a big design punch.

Add Drama to Your A-Frame Powder Room

For a small A-frame interior, keep colors light and furniture minimal to avoid a cluttered look.

Keep the Interior Light and Airy

Use soft neutrals and layer in your favorite houseplants to carry on an earthy look.

Mix Wood Tones for Visual Interest

Custom builds are the best options to make the most of angled nooks.

Take Advantage of Awkward Nooks

Excess decor becomes a distraction when you have an A-frame with beautiful views and wood ceilings.

Keep Furniture Sparse for an Uncluttered Look

Other loft privacy ideas include folding doors, screens, or drywall to close off the area.

Hang Curtains for Privacy in the Loft

You could also use a spiral staircase or custom ladder as a space-saving solution.

Save Space with a Narrow Staircase