What’s To Love And What’s To Hate About Wall-Mounted Toilets?

We’re all familiar with the concept of wall-mounted toilets but we know so little about them that we’re actually scared to even consider the option. There’s a general conception that they give a lot of headaches and that the cons outnumber the pros but we lack a clear knowledge about what a wall-mounted toilet is and all the things that come with it.

Wall-mounted toilers are space-saving.

Floating toilet modern bathroom
In a small bathroom with only a toilet and a sink, the wall-mounted design is ideal for both of them

One of the biggest advantages of having a wall-mounted toilet as opposed to the other types is that you get to save a lot of floor space. They’re ideal for small bathrooms because they occupy zero floor space and they make the room look more spacious overall.

You can adjust the height at installation.

Floating toilet modern bathroom
Wall-mounted toilets look really sleek and suit minimalist decors perfectly

Another big pro is the fact that you get to decide the exact height at which to install the toilet so that it’s most comfortable for you. This increases comfort and is a really nice element that allows you to customize your bathroom.

They’re easier to maintain and clean.

Floating toilet modern bathroom
Complement it with a wall-mounted vanity to highlight the spaciousness of the room

Wall-mounted toilets are the easiest to clean. Because they’re not attached to the floor, you can easily use the mop to clean that area without bending down. Cleaning the area around them is also super easy thanks to the simple designs and the fact that, apart from the bowl, everything else is concealed.

The water is concealed behind the wall.

Floating toilet modern bathroom
Since you have to conceal the tank inside the wall, you can also add a few niches

The fact that the water tank of these toilets is concealed behind the wall can also be viewed as a pro and as a con. It looks super sleek and nice but installing it there is quite difficult. Tank installation requires removal of drywall so such a project is best for when undertaking a new build or a remodel.

They’re difficult to install.

Floating toilet modern bathroom
The fact that the water tank is concealed gives the bathroom a zen and relaxing look

A wall-mounted toilet needs special mounts to prevent pulling the wall out. The whole wall also needs to be reinforced or you can end up pulling down the whole thing just by using it.

Floating toilet modern bathroom
A bathroom with all the technical elements hidden looks cleaner and larger

The toilet can also come loose over time due to the pressure exerted on the wall mount so it needs constant adjustment. You can prevent this by making sure it’s safely secured and installed in the first place so such problems can still occur anyway.

And difficult to fix.

Floating toilet modern bathroom
That’s a really cool way of integrating the water tank into a wall divider

Some wall-mounted toilets come with an access panel on the wall for easy repairs. However, not all of them have such a feature and in case reparations are needed the wall needs to be taken down and then put back together all over again.

Floating toilet modern bathroom
You can emphasize spaciousness with large mirrors and glass wall partitions
Floating toilet modern bathroom
Being easy to clean, wall-mounted toilets can be installed in corners like this one

They come with high-tech features.

Floating toilet modern bathroom
This is a Starck 3 toilet with dual flush capability that helps save water

Usually, wall-mounted toilets also come with high tech features such as automated lids, integrated dryers, illuminated bowls and all sorts of other things. This means added comfort but it also means more potential repair as all these little things can eventually create problems.

Floating toilet modern bathroom
It’s easier to clean the area around a wall-mounted toilet, even if it’s in a difficult position

They’re more expensive.

Floating toilet modern bathroom
With no exposed water tank, there’s more room for bathroom accessories

Because wall-mounted toilers are considered specialty items, they’re considerably more expensive than regular toilets. The items itself costs a lot more and the cost of installation usually doubles that number.

Floating toilet modern bathroom
You can coordinate the shape and design of your toilet with the vanity and the overall décor
Floating toilet modern bathroom
Wall-mounted toilets are more aesthetic to look at in modern bathrooms
Floating toilet modern bathroom
They also allow you to completely reconfigure your bathroom

At the end of the day, you have to decide whether it’s worth the investment. You want a toilet that looks cool, sleek, modern and has all sorts of cool features but costs more and presents more risks or you prefer the safe choice?

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