12 Beautiful Walk In Showers For Maximum Relaxation

Having a relaxing bathroom is a necessity for life. Think about it. When you’ve been outside working in the yard, the first thing you want to do when you come indoors is take a shower and clean up. When you’ve come home from a hard day at work, you need a long hot shower to let your stresses melt away. Walk in showers are a great option for a relaxing bathroom because they give such a grown up and seamless feel to the space. Take a look at these 12 beautiful walk in showers and start planning your own.

Birght marble walk in shower

When you’re choosing a bathroom theme, you can’t go wrong with marble. Tile your shower with it and you’ll have a space that you’ll never want to leave. All you need is a candle to make it feel like a spa. (via Lonny)

rain head walk in shower

Rain shower heads are great for two reasons. One, they give such a relaxing feel when you’re in the shower. Two, they don’t splash much which allows for all kinds of creativity when it comes to your walk in shower! (via HGTV)

Glass walk in shower

Want a really seamless look in your bathroom? Completely enclose your shower space in glass. You’ll feel like you live in a fancy hotel that you can’t afford. (via HGTV)

Rustic walk in shower

Many walk in shower designs are very modern but yours doesn’t have to be. Use faux wood tile to give your bathroom a very rustic look. Perfect for cabins and country decorated homes. (via Room Decor Ideas)

Doorless walk in shower

One ideal design for a walk in shower has no door or curtain. When there’s no enclosure, it makes both your shower and your bathroom feel bigger and continuous. (via The Grey Home)

Turquoise shade for walk in shower tiles

Is your bathroom feeling dull and lifeless? Opt for a colored tile in your walk in shower instead of white or marble. Stick with a soothing shade of blue or green and you’ll achieve that pop of life your bathroom needs. (via Decor Pad)

Stone walk in shower

Maybe you’re looking for a shower with a very secluded-cottage-in-the-woods feel. Build your walk in shower out of stone, add some greenery and you’ll find that you’ve made the star of your house your bathroom. (via Jon Carloftis)

Shelves walk in shower

One downside to walk in showers is the lack of storage space. And nobody wants to keep their bottles of shampoo and body wash all over the shower floor. Give yourself a few shelves in your walk in shower to provide a home for your pretty bottles. (via Decor Pad)

Hidden walk in shower

A long narrow space can create problems for any room, but especially the bathroom. So instead of bemoaning where to put your shower, make your bathtub the focal put in your bathroom and put your walk in shower behind it.

Skylight walk in shower

Dark gloomy showers are a hazard for women everywhere. Adding a skylight to your walk in shower will give you plenty of light so shaving your legs will no longer be a matter of life and death.

Curved walk in shower

Isn’t this curved shower gorgeous? Concocting a walk in shower like this will make your bathroom more like a piece of art instead of just a bathroom.

Frame walk in shower design

You don’t need a giant bathroom to include a walk in shower! Even a single size will give your space a luxurious feeling. Especially if it’s open to the rest of the room. (via Life Style Etc)