Vintage Danish Teak Coffee Table

Today most coffee tables are round and made of glass or maybe some metal on the table top and metal legs. But there hasn’t always been like that and i certainly do not like having the same thing as everybody else. So I like spending some time in the vintage shops where I can find really beautiful pieces of furniture with a special design and look that make your living room unique and fine looking. This Vintage Danish Teak Coffee Table belongs to the old school of furniture manufacturing, but it still keeps its charm and beauty.

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It is rectangular and a bit bigger than today’s coffee tables, but this turns out to be really useful for a big family or for somebody with lots of friends to have coffee with. It is made of teak and the natural colour of this wood is perfectly preserved and you can admire it in the photos. The four thin legs are sturdy enough to support the table and everything on it and they are elegant, too. The table has some particular features that make it so special and I would like to mention the raised lip edges of the table top and also the interesting suspended cane shelf underneath the table top. The table is specific to the middle of the last century and is worth $960.