Valentine’s day iron-on pillowcase transfers

We’re getting closer and closer to Valentine’s Day so we though we would show you a simple, fun and romantic project that you can make for your special one. It’s a set of iron-in pillowcase transfers that together spell “U COMPLETE ME”. It’s a cliché but when it’s true it becomes sweet and romantic.

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The best is that you can create those by yourself. You just need to print the file onto iron-on transfer paper and adhere them to the pillowcases. It’s a simple but very nice gesture that will not go unnoticed. Here are the items that you’ll need for this project: two pillowcases, iron-on transfer paper, color printer, scissors, iron (no steam).

First start by printing the model onto transfer paper. Then cut out carefully around the text. Make sure you leave the letters attached with a small amount of the transfer paper. The text will be printed backwards so don’t be alarmed. Next lay the pillowcases out on a flat surface and line the words on the pillowcases with the paper-backing facing up. Make sure the text is straight and centered before ironing.
Once you’re done iron the text following the directions inside the iron-on transfer paper packaging. Wait two minutes after that and carefully remove the paper backing. And now it’s over. You have two beautiful pillows for you and your loved one. It’s a simple but fun project. Moreover, the thought that you’re making this for your loved one should give you extra patience.{foud on creaturecomfortsblog}.